Friday, August 26, 2011

happy friday! (and my lie)

In case you missed yesterday, I gave you two truths and a lie. Most of you got it wrong- sorry!

You may be disappointed- Jordan called my lie lame. Though I'll tell you why I don't think it is lame later on...
I do indeed have 3 Facebook friends who were born on December 24th. I think I actually even know a fourth...I am FINALLY on the first page of google hits. TWICE! Yay!

And while I do have a tiny noggin, my new visor actually fits! I know it sounds lame, but I'm actually really excited about it. Visors don't fit me (in fact, most hats or hat-type items don't fit me)...damn you tiny head!!
I know I look mad in the picture- but I'm not
But...and here's the BUT: I feel like a fraud in this hat. When I'm running in this visor, I feel like I look like a triathlete. I guess I associate KSwiss with triathlons? Suddenly all of the people who are out there running who I can tell are triathletes are giving me the nod...the "hey, not only do we run, but we run after biking and swimming" nod.  Plus, I think I feel like I should have done a triathlon by now so maybe I feel slightly inadequate...(next year year!!)

I'm sure it is just a random weird thing about me. But yes- I feel like a fraud in that visor. But I will continue to wear it and any other visor that fits me because I find it comfortable and I like it. (so there)

Ok- so now here are my guesses at the lies you left me:

Marlene- I was leaning toward the Subway being false with the thought that when you eat fast food you go all out, but I'm going to go with the west of Ontario. My reasoning is that in one of your Q and As, someone asked "when are you coming to the west coast again." I could be misunderstanding the meaning of "again" in this case...but I'm going to go with it. But in the case that it is true- I'm excited for you and your trip to California in the spring. (also jealous that you get to hang out with Aron)

Nicole- This is a hard one but because not being able to smell seems so random..I'm going to say it is true and you didn't backpack in Asia for three months before you got married. And if you can't smell- I'm sorry. I hope you have partial smell so that you can smell that "new baby smell" when you have your little one. (although it could be a good thing when it comes to poopy diapers)

Thanks for playing! Maybe we can do this again soon :) I hope you have a great weekend!

Again- feel free to leave me some truths and a lie- I like this game!


Marlene said...

This was a fun idea! I may steal it.

Wrong-o!! The first one about being paranoid when my Bday falls on Friday the 13th is false. I'm not superstitions and actually, I think it's pretty cool!

Never been west of Ontario in CANADA... so technically that may have been a lie (whoops). That comment was about my trip to Seattle last year.

Derek said...

Woohoo!! I got it right!

I like Kswiss stuff, it rocks, so wear your visor with pride!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

You guessed right!! I can't smell!! It's ok- I get to miss all the disgusting smells! Because I "lost" it when I was pretty little, I don't remember what things smell/taste like so it's all normal to me!!

I figured Marlene was trying to trick us! I knew she had been out to Seattle but I have never heard of any western Canadian adventures so I figured she was trying to be sly!
I am also born on the 13th and think it's fun when my birthday lands on a Friday!! Bring on the black cats!

Stephanie said...

While I don't associate KSwiss with triathlons at all (actually I associate it with a particularly bad ex-boyfriend) I will tell you that triathlons are super fun! Definitely try one next year! said...

Typical elitist triathletes. Only acknolege others of thier kind. I totally understand. i have a teeny tiny head too. I've recently thoguh of something genius - why not try kids hats. I bet they fit better. Love the visor. You look great!