Monday, August 08, 2011

giving my body the credit it deserves

Dear Body,

After two late nights in a row and a week of a little too much food and booze on vacation,
Red or white? The answer is both.
thank you for working so hard and getting me through that long run. I know you don't like heat and humidity- you've shown me that several times over. But despite the later than usual start, you were a trooper. Sure, sweat was beading at the kneecaps by the 5 K mark, but sweating just clears those toxins out right?

I also know that it isn't easy to go uphill for almost 5 solid miles. Hamstrings start weeping, lungs complain, and glutes start burning. And even though the way home sounds easier, quad thrashing downhills aren't a joke. Yup, the legs were feeling like jello, but we got it done.

Long runs are tough both physically and mentally- thank you body for taking care of the physical while I play games in my head to make things feel easier. More often than not, I focus too much on your weaknesses instead of your strengths and I do not give you the credit you deserve. So again- thank you for taking all that I throw at you throughout my training. At the very least, I promise to stop taking you for granted and show my gratitude a little more often (oh, and I'll try to get some more sleep too!).



Laura said... body know wayyyyyy more than my brain ever will.

Anonymous said...

nicely done body!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Haha amen to that! My body has gotten me through a few runs after too many glasses of wine ;)

kristen said...

Sunday it was mostly a "I haven't been to bed before 1 am for the last couple of days" kind of tired...but I could definitely feel the extra wine from the week before catching up with me :)

Marlene said...

Well said!