Wednesday, August 31, 2011

bikes and flowers- a semi wordless wednesday

One thing I love about my street is that the fences always have leaves and flowers growing through them and around them. I love when plants take over man made things- it always makes for something that looks both beautiful and interesting. For some reason, it has taken forever for me to take a picture of this particular fence, but I finally caught it with my iphone the other day. It has since become my phone wall paper because it makes me smile.
bikes and flowers
I have no idea how long it has taken for the bike to be "reclaimed" by nature...but I like it.

What random street sightings make you happy?


Anonymous said...

Cool. I like it too. Except for on buildings and houses. Makes me cringe when I see poeple allowing vines to grow up thier houses. I see why this makes you smile.

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Very pretty! Is the bike chained to the fence or something? I would hate to see someone steal it!