Wednesday, August 31, 2011

bikes and flowers- a semi wordless wednesday

One thing I love about my street is that the fences always have leaves and flowers growing through them and around them. I love when plants take over man made things- it always makes for something that looks both beautiful and interesting. For some reason, it has taken forever for me to take a picture of this particular fence, but I finally caught it with my iphone the other day. It has since become my phone wall paper because it makes me smile.
bikes and flowers
I have no idea how long it has taken for the bike to be "reclaimed" by nature...but I like it.

What random street sightings make you happy?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

chili in august

I just made chili. In August. And I didn't even break a sweat- something feels off. Not that I'm complaining too much- we know how I hate the heat, but it feels strange that I just made chili in August.
Picture perfect Monday dinner
Just in case you're curious- I used a variation of an EatLiveRun recipe for turkey chili. She uses two cans of kidney beans, I use both black beans and kidney beans. She uses wine, I sometimes use beer instead of wine. The recipe calls for crushed tomatoes but I like to use both crushed and diced. Plus, I like to add mushrooms and corn- just for deliciousness and extra texture. And this time? I added extra meat.

The big bowl of chili with some chewy baguette was a perfect dinner for a cool Monday evening. And since I had a serious case of the day after long run hunger (or runger?), it was perfectly filling as well.

Post run hunger I can do something about- but post long run sleeplessness I can't seem to. Lately I'm finding that the nights after my long runs, even though I'm exhausted, I just can't get to sleep. Sunday involved getting up decently early, running 14 miles, and chilling out for the rest of the day (since it was POURING rain thanks to a little bit of Irene's weather blowing our way). I was tired when I got up and tired when I went to bed but I just couldn't fall asleep...very frustrating.

Does anyone else have trouble sleeping after long runs (or other sports)?
Any meals that you're looking forward to making now that summer is almost over?

Monday, August 29, 2011

one day, three microbrews

Saturday was a day for beer. We wanted to get out of the city and weren't sure exactly what we wanted to do. So since we like beer, we headed out to Vankleek Hill, Ontario for a visit to the Beau's Brewery.

We can't get Beau's in Quebec, so we wanted to pick up some of their LugTread  Lagered Ale but we were also hoping to try their seasonal "Festivale" summer beer. Unfortunately for us, they sold out of the Festivale on Thursday. Just a couple of days too soon. But they had plenty of Lug Tread so we left with enough of that to keep us happy for awhile.
Beau's is all natural. So is Jordan.
Once we got back into the city, Jordan suggested hitting up the St. Ambroise Terrace- a place where the beer flows and where there is live music on weekend afternoons. As we were standing in line at the bar, I noticed they had some beer glasses on display, one of which had a pumpkin on it. I started to get a little excited...the St. Ambroise Citrouille is probably my favourite seasonal beer in the world (Big Rock Winter Spice being a close, close second). The perfect mix of beer and spice that just makes me so happy. As the person in front of us was being served, I heard words that I didn't want to hear: I heard the bartender tell the guy in front of me that they were out of Pumpkin beer. My heart sank a little and I thought to myself "really? denied special seasonal beer TWICE in one day??" 
It should read the greatest pumpkin ale
Instead of just assuming they were out, I gave the bartender the "So I hear you're out of pumpkin?" Different bartender, different answer and I walked away with a cup of deliciousness and with a smile on my face (I believe my exact words were "I'm SO HAPPY").

Later that night, it was a third brewery for birthday beers with friends. Off to the Dieu du Ciel brew pub which is probably one of the best deals for beer in the city. Great beer for a great price ($6.00 a pint for good microbrew? YES PLEASE). I had a pint of their Blanche du Paradis- a Belgian style white beer that is one of my favourites. Just the right balance of the citrus and the wheat that goes down smoothly and deliciously.

And just because I was curious, I tried a taste of their Summer Solstice Sour Cherry Wheat beer. Sour- YES. Wow! Even though I enjoyed it, I was very glad to only have a couple of ounces of it.

So there you go- one day, three brewerys. A practically perfect way to spend a Saturday! (and apparently, the perfect way to carb-load for a Sunday long run)

Do you have a favourite seasonal beer? Do you like the light summer beers or the darker winter ones? (Or are you like my sister in law and claim beer tastes like piss and olive juice?)

Friday, August 26, 2011

happy friday! (and my lie)

In case you missed yesterday, I gave you two truths and a lie. Most of you got it wrong- sorry!

You may be disappointed- Jordan called my lie lame. Though I'll tell you why I don't think it is lame later on...
I do indeed have 3 Facebook friends who were born on December 24th. I think I actually even know a fourth...I am FINALLY on the first page of google hits. TWICE! Yay!

And while I do have a tiny noggin, my new visor actually fits! I know it sounds lame, but I'm actually really excited about it. Visors don't fit me (in fact, most hats or hat-type items don't fit me)...damn you tiny head!!
I know I look mad in the picture- but I'm not
But...and here's the BUT: I feel like a fraud in this hat. When I'm running in this visor, I feel like I look like a triathlete. I guess I associate KSwiss with triathlons? Suddenly all of the people who are out there running who I can tell are triathletes are giving me the nod...the "hey, not only do we run, but we run after biking and swimming" nod.  Plus, I think I feel like I should have done a triathlon by now so maybe I feel slightly inadequate...(next year year!!)

I'm sure it is just a random weird thing about me. But yes- I feel like a fraud in that visor. But I will continue to wear it and any other visor that fits me because I find it comfortable and I like it. (so there)

Ok- so now here are my guesses at the lies you left me:

Marlene- I was leaning toward the Subway being false with the thought that when you eat fast food you go all out, but I'm going to go with the west of Ontario. My reasoning is that in one of your Q and As, someone asked "when are you coming to the west coast again." I could be misunderstanding the meaning of "again" in this case...but I'm going to go with it. But in the case that it is true- I'm excited for you and your trip to California in the spring. (also jealous that you get to hang out with Aron)

Nicole- This is a hard one but because not being able to smell seems so random..I'm going to say it is true and you didn't backpack in Asia for three months before you got married. And if you can't smell- I'm sorry. I hope you have partial smell so that you can smell that "new baby smell" when you have your little one. (although it could be a good thing when it comes to poopy diapers)

Thanks for playing! Maybe we can do this again soon :) I hope you have a great weekend!

Again- feel free to leave me some truths and a lie- I like this game!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

three things thursday- the two truths and a lie edition

Happy Thursday y'all! As I have tomorrow off, today is like Friday for me so 'tis indeed a happy day for me. For today's three things, I thought I'd tell you two truths and a lie. Take a guess as to which is the lie and then tell me a truth and a lie of your own.

1- I recently got a visor as a part of an online auction package. I have a teeny tiny noggin and I got it with the hope that it would fit but I assumed it wouldn't. I was right. Lucky Jordan got a new hat.

2- I have three (yes THREE) Facebook friends who were born on December 24th. That means I can't really send them my favourite some e card.

3- When I google myself, I'm FINALLY on the first page of hits. It used to take many many pages before the "real" me showed up.

So- tell me a truth and a lie. And which do you think is my lie?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

new balance shoes- two reviews

I've run in a few brands of shoes. I started in Mizuno (and tried two styles of those), then moved to Brooks,  and then had some love for Nike (until the disastrous Vomero 5- I seriously hated those shoes). While my trail shoes are Adidas, I have a new love when it comes to my other running shoes- New Balance.

I started with a pair of 759s.
The 759 is a great choice for the neutral or supinating runner. The 759 provides a responsive ride in the midfoot without sacrificing any cushion in the heel. New Balance has updated the 759 with an aggressive open mesh upper that provides the runner with optimal breathability. Did I mention its good looks? It has them too. The 759 is the go to shoe for everyday running or weekend long hauls. (From Running Warehouse)
While for me this shoe is not good for "long hauls" (I'm a bit of a princess and I need more cushion- I have lower than normal bone density after all...), it is a great lighter shoe for training and racing. I do all of my speed work in this shoe and I've run both 10K and half marathon races in them. I ran the Ottawa half marathon in a pair that was probably a few miles past their life cycle, but I was way happier in them than in the stupid Vomero 5s I was training in.

Thumbs up: light, comfortable, responsive!
Thumbs down: DISCONTINUED! RENAMED! (now I have to remember a new number) I know there's an update- so I hope I like the 880 as much as the 759.

As I've said twice already, I was in Nike Vomero 5s this spring and I despised them. So when I was looking for a new cushioned training shoe in June, I decided to continue with New Balance and went with the 1080s: their "premium" neutral cushioned shoe.
NB 1080s about to go for a run
Have I mentioned that I have narrow feet? New Balance is known for having multiple widths, so this is a huge thumbs up for me and the 1080s come in AA. The cushioning is pretty much exactly how I like it- soft enough so that they feel pillowy on my feet, but not so smooshy that I feel like I'm running with sponges strapped to my feet.

I've done all of my long runs in this training cycle in these shoes and have had no problems. My feet feel happy and light. My only complaint would be that they aren't quite as airy and vented (if that's the right word?) as some others so my feet sometimes get hot at the start of my runs.

Thumbs up: cushioned, supportive, perfect fit
Thumbs down: I can't get the fun red ones in the AA width, they are NOT cheap (thank goodness for online shopping)

Overall, I love that New Balance has improved their styling in the last few years. I think they've always made good shoes, but they've just been ugly.

I know that I shouldn't discount a pair of shoes that work for my feet just because they are ugly, but in the past, if another pair of shoes has been as comfortable than NB, I've always gone with the other shoes because New Balance reminded me of nurse shoes. Or old lady shoes...or just everything you don't want to wear or look at.  But they're so much better these days and now, they've come up with something that looks like this:
Special NB 890s
Since I've always had a sea of white-ish shoes and Jordan has shoes in every colour of the rainbow, I kind of want to run out and buy them before they've all been snapped up.
Jordan's technicolour dream shoes
Now if only I didn't have such an aversion to paying full price for running shoes. I wonder if I can get them on sale yet?

What is your favourite brand of running shoe? Do you go for the plain looking ones or do you hope you can find a pair in flashy colours?

*Note- I bought all the shoes mentioned here with my own money. I'm reviewing them because I like them and because I thought you might need some new shoes.

Monday, August 22, 2011

canadian sadness- goodbye mr layton

My favourite Canadian politician passed away today. My love of Jack Layton has been well documented on the blog (for the one post recap- read this one here). So it was with shock and sadness that I read the news that he passed away this morning.
"My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair." Jack Layton
Whether you agreed or disagreed with his politics, his policies, or his moustache, we can all agree that he was feisty and he was wise. His final letter to Canada both broke my heart a bit (just imagining what it was like to write something like that knowing he didn't have much longer) and left me hopeful.
In Ottawa
Thank you for your service to our country Mr. Layton. I will continue to be loving, hopeful, and optimistic in my bid to help change the world.

iphone photos

I'm not feeling so great (I know I really don't feel well because I turned down a trip to the taco truck saying no to fun food? Doesn't happen often), so I thought I'd put together a quick post with some of the random photos I found on my iPhone.

why yes, that's a chihuahua on that bike
I think Jordan was disappointed with my lack of stealth when I took this picture...but I just had to get it. Sorry dude- if you don't want your picture taken, don't bike around town with a small dog on your motorcycle.

I made crab and corn chowder earlier this week and the recipe called for Old Bay seasoning. It isn't something I've seen a lot in stores here so I wasn't even sure if it was available in Canada. Some of my twitter peeps told me they thought I might be able to find it but that it wasn't all that common. Luckily, I found this at a random store at the market. I have no idea how it was allowed to be sold here though because there is no French on the label. Maybe I bought illegal spice mix...
I took this one at Canadian Tire. I kind of wanted to buy it. Who the heck needs a snuggie when you could curl up on the couch with one of these?? I wish I had gotten a better detail shot of the picture on the bottom of the label. It was pretty awesome.

Do you use Old Bay seasoning? If you're in Canada- is there French on the label? 
Do you ever look at the pictures on your phone and think "wow I'm random"?

(And if you're looking for some not so light reading today, Susan's post about what it is like to hear the "c-word" from your doctor is probably the best blog post I've ever read.)

Friday, August 19, 2011

randomness- stick bugs are cool

As we were packing up to come home from camping on Sunday, Jordan thought there was a stick on our car. Upon closer examination, he discovered that it wasn't a stick but rather a stick bug (or if you want to get fancy, a phasmatodea).

Sticky the stick bug
We thought it was pretty cool and had to take pictures. Unfortunately, the reflection of the car made it tougher to photograph than I had hoped, but you get a nice view of my reflection to go along with your stick bug fun.

My feet...twice.
 Are you fascinated or grossed out by weird looking bugs? 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

three things thursday- the running related edition

I thought I'd continue from yesterday's running post and make today's tree things running related.

First: Last Friday I did my long run. Since I was going camping and I had Friday off, I figured I'd get it done while I had the extra time and so that I wouldn't have to worry about getting it in later in the weekend. Jordan also did his long run and since he had some marathon pace miles to do, he wanted to use the Garmin. So for the first long run in awhile, I ran without it and I loved it! I'm not sure if it was the cool weather (I was up early to get it done), the lack of checking my wrist, or the audio book I was listening to, but it was almost a blissful long run. I just pushed "Play" and listened to A.J. Jacobs tell me all about his life as an experiment. It was a great run. I think I'll do it more often.
Not on Friday's long run, but it was a Garmin-less run.
Second: It is kind of hard to do a tempo run in the semi-darkness. On one hand, the darkness makes me run faster in certain sections if I feel like things around me are a little sketchy...but on the other hand, the darkness makes it hard to see the little divots and imperfections on the running surface and I have a natural tendency to want to slow down. Even more importantly though, it is hard to check my pace. Therefore, I had a very inconsistent tempo run last night that ranged from 2 to 22 seconds off pace. At least they were faster instead of slower?

Third: I finally registered for my race. I guess I kept forgetting to do it and since the fee doesn't go up until sometime in September it wasn't on my "must do now" list. But the other day I remembered and signed up. Hooray! Now I just need to decide if I should run another half just a few weeks later and the day before I start school. I'll be there anyway because Jordan will be running the marathon, but the question is- should I run too?

So- do you like to leave the garmin (or watch, or whatever you might have to help pace you) at home sometimes and just run? If you don't have a GPS or pacing type device- do you want one or do you think it would make running less fun?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

be incredible- sugoi moxie shorts

The other day I noticed a little something on the tag of my shorts. Two words: Be incredible. Those two words made me smile and made me like my bright pink shorts even more.
Moxie shorts in action. And a really weird face I'm making
This pair of shorts is a newer addition to my running wardrobe. I got them in June and have been running in them all summer. I like how light they are, I love the styling, and I really like the thick waistband (check the product page for the full view of the waist). No digging into my waist and I'm pretty sure these shorts are muffin top proof!
shorts from the back
I don't love that they sometimes ride up in the crotchal area during particularly long hot runs. In general I don't have a problem, but if it is really hot out and I'm super sweaty, things can get a little...bunchy. (though it MAY be possible that if I sized down, this wouldn't happen- maybe it is just a little extra material?) I love that they have pockets, but the small inside "key/card" pocket is not one that I think would actually fit a card in- but even if it did, I don't think I'd be able to run comfortably with a card in there.

They haven't replaced the run:speed short as my favourite or as my race day shorts. The pockets in those shorts are perfect and the cut just works really well for me. But I really do like my Moxie shorts! They're comfortable, they're cute, and they tell me to be incredible. Thumbs up from this runner.

So- do you have a favourite running or workout short? What makes a good short? (or maybe you're more into working out in a skirt...they're fun too)

*I bought these shorts with my own money and decided to review them because I thought you might be looking for a new pair of shorts.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1984 was a good year

1984 was a good year for two important reasons. Firstly, because the Macintosh computer was introduced in January. Secondly, because later that year, my little sister Heather was born.
We were a two-home family (aka, parents were divorced and had joint custody) so while the houses changed and parents changed every two weeks or so, the one thing that didn't change was the two of us- we were constants.
I know you're jealous of my overalls and mushroom cut.
It would course be a lie if I said that everything was always perfect. Siblings always have difficulties and life isn't always sunshine and lollipops. But those little fights and problems are easily forgotten and the happy memories remain. Life is good like that.
everyone loves a superhero cape
Heather is one of those people for whom things work out- she makes it work. She sometimes lives with what some would call "reckless abandon" but that in reality is just taking calculated chances in which she seems to be able to trust in the unknown variable far more than I can.
She's had her fair share of ups and downs, but I love that she manages to celebrate and remember the ups instead of wallow in the downs. I can always count on her to make me laugh and I'm pretty good at making her laugh too.
It is her birthday today. It baffles me that she's old enough to be a real live grown-up who will soon be a parent. Totally baffles me. If I could change just one major thing about my life, it would be to live closer to her. That way, I could be there to wish her a happy birthday in person. And on the oh so very important day in October (most likely) that is coming up, I could be one of the first people to congratulate her and to welcome her little one into the family.
testing the waters
Happy Birthday Heather! This year promises to be the best and craziest one yet! (and considering your last couple of years- that's saying a lot!) I hope the day is a special one for you.

Friday, August 12, 2011

gone camping

See you on the flip side. Hopefully with stories of fun in the sun and not misery in the rain :) Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

three laughs thursday

Last night, Jordan discovered one of my friend's favourite websites:
We both sat there laughing and watching animal videos for a little longer than I'm comfortable admitting so I decided to share some of my favourites- old and new.

First up- from the aforementioned website. If you find turtles creepy (and I know some people do), you won't like this, but I love it. The video here is a little long- so if you want the short version, click here.

Second- I love pugs. I love them, I want one, I have to prevent myself from running up and cuddling every pug I see on the street. So this video cracks me up. Also, I know someone who took pretty much the same picture of her daughter when she fell in the toilet. I stand by the decisions of both the dog owner and said parent. as long as it is butt first and not in an outhouse, falling in toilets is hilarious.

Third- Everyone loves watching people who are sedated. There was the girl who thought Ellen was there after she got her wisdom teeth out, that kid in the car seat who wanted to know if this was real life, so why not a sedated kitty?  (just glad there was no turtle there to but the poor kitty's butt)

There you go- a little insight into what we sit and giggle about when no one is around. I admit it- I love funny animal videos...
What about you? Animal videos- yay or nay?

(oh, and if you're looking for something a little more intellectually stimulating- I came across this news story on how we adjust to the heat. Did you know that we actually have more blood as we adjust to the heat??)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

will and kate wednesday

Between the ceremony and the reception of the wedding we went to in PEI, we stopped for (delightful) lobster rolls at Richard's Fresh Seafood. Apparently, we aren't the only ones who are fans of Richard's:
you never know
Well, they were in PEI during their Canadian I supposed it is possible that they stopped in for lobster rolls or fish 'n chips.  If they did, they definitely ate well because after what I ate and what I saw others eating around me, I kind of wanted to eat my way through the entire menu.

Seafood shack or burger hut- which would you rather hit up for a snack?

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

ode to a toenail

You left unexpectedly- I didn't see it coming.
Your departure has left my foot looking a little bare and unbalanced.
While I know you won't be gone forever...
Please come back soon.
not my footprints- that big toe is not.big.enough.
 Any toenail stories out there? Who has NOT lost a toenail from running? (this is my first...the only other toenail story I have involves having to have the doctor poke a hole through it to relieve pressure after running the vacuum over my foot)

Monday, August 08, 2011

giving my body the credit it deserves

Dear Body,

After two late nights in a row and a week of a little too much food and booze on vacation,
Red or white? The answer is both.
thank you for working so hard and getting me through that long run. I know you don't like heat and humidity- you've shown me that several times over. But despite the later than usual start, you were a trooper. Sure, sweat was beading at the kneecaps by the 5 K mark, but sweating just clears those toxins out right?

I also know that it isn't easy to go uphill for almost 5 solid miles. Hamstrings start weeping, lungs complain, and glutes start burning. And even though the way home sounds easier, quad thrashing downhills aren't a joke. Yup, the legs were feeling like jello, but we got it done.

Long runs are tough both physically and mentally- thank you body for taking care of the physical while I play games in my head to make things feel easier. More often than not, I focus too much on your weaknesses instead of your strengths and I do not give you the credit you deserve. So again- thank you for taking all that I throw at you throughout my training. At the very least, I promise to stop taking you for granted and show my gratitude a little more often (oh, and I'll try to get some more sleep too!).


Friday, August 05, 2011

they've got it (the right stuff): headin' to NKOTBSB

Back in the day, I was a huge New Kids on the Block fan. I had the posters, I had the books, I had the t-shirt...I even watched the short-lived cartoon (oh man that was terrible television). They came to Calgary when I was 10. The concert was on October 31st. I had a huge decision to make: trick-or-treating or New Kids on the Block. I chose the bubble-gum pop stylings of Danny, Donnie, Johnathan, Joey, and Jordan over the candy. And I didn't regret it (even after the tickets sold out in about 3 hours so they scheduled another show for the next day).

So tonight, I revert back to that ten year old self and head to the Bell Centre for some boy band entertainment and this time I don't even have to sacrifice my candy.
The funny part about that "once in a lifetime" caption is that 2 of the 3 people I'm going with have actually already seen this "once in a lifetime" concert...

Oh- the Backstreet Boys are there too right? That should be fun. But I have to say- even though I'll probably be singing along to the BSB songs, I'm really there to hear Step by Step.

Mock me all you want- but you know you have a guilty pleasure :) Tell me- which band from your early years would you love to see again (or for the first time)?

(Oh, and every so often, I wish I had hung on to my NKOTB Christmas CD. That would be a great one to dig out and annoy people with every Christmas)

Thursday, August 04, 2011

three things thursday- signs of PEI edition

So we know how I love a good today's post involves signs of PEI.

1- You know you're in the maritime provinces when Subway sells lobster:
lobster sub anyone?
We did not go into McDonald's to see if they had the McLobster on the menu...but we really should have. I guess we'll save that one until next time.

2- A few years ago, a friend in Ottawa (who is from PEI) decided that Jordan needed a nickname. As with most nicknames, you generally don't have much choice in the Jordan became known as:
Jo-Joe at Jo-Joe's
Said friend was happy to hear that we not only found a Jo-Joe's seafood eatery, but also had lunch there. I'm hoping you all go to Jo-Joe's now...

3- PEI is apparently eroding at a fairly quick rate (our kayak guide told us, but I can't remember the number). I guess that's what happens when waves are constantly crashing into the coast.
good news- we didn't fall off the cliff
This sign had us singing "Dear Prudence" for the rest of the day.

So- have you seen any regional menu items recently? A Royale with cheese perhaps?

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

goodbye PEI

Even though we've only had one full day of sun (and a few half days) we've really enjoyed our trip.
basin head beach
We'll miss the sand between our toes, the smell of the ocean, gorging ourselves with seafood, the red cliffs, and the all around niceness of every PEI-er we've met.
sad to leave
So goodbye PEI. It has been lovely! Hopefully we'll be back sooner rather than later. Maybe you can save us a spot on the beach.

Back to reality tomorrow! Hope you're all having a great Wednesday!

Are you someone who is sad to come home from vacation or happy to get back into your routine?

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

life's a beach

Finally a beach day on PEI:
bocce ball is serious business
Yesterday was pretty much a perfect beach day. Warm but not too hot and barely a cloud in the sky. Plus, no wind!
ladies who beach
I started the day with a short run but the highlight of the day was definitely the trip to the beach. We got some sun, had some fun, and even saw a tiny lobster! Weird to think that just a little deeper in the water, there were probably some fairly large lobsters just waiting to pinch our toes. All in all, a fun day with a bunch of fun people.
we didn't even write this- i promise!
Today is our last full day on PEI and we're hoping to make the most of it. We're starting it off with a world famous breakfast and then we'll see where the day takes us! It may involve a lobster supper...we'll have to see!

Are you a beach person?

Monday, August 01, 2011

PEI: the ruby isle?

If Ireland is the "Emerald Isle", Prince Edward Island should be the "Ruby Isle." The entire island is made of red rock and when it rains (and oh it rains ;) the island seems to almost bleed.
Red Cliffs of PEI
Raining or not though, this place is absolutely beautiful. Rolling green hills, red rocks, and an ocean view never too far.
red cliffs
It kind of makes you wonder why people leave... (the answer is that there aren't enough jobs)
toes in the atlantic and the red sand
 We've been having a great time in PEI and can't wait to continue our trip. Saturday involved a delicious lobster roll and a beautiful wedding. Sunday, sea kayaking and some outstanding oysters. And in there perhaps a little too frequently, great beer.
gahan house tasting flight. there was a red ale- but the stout was my favourite.
I've got more stories to share, but thought I'd share some pictures before you wondered if I'd been swallowed into the ocean.

What has been your favourite part of this (hopefully) long weekend?