Tuesday, July 05, 2011

wardrobe malfunction

So I think it is time for a new bathing suit.  I got to spend Canada day surrounded by great people and some great scenery.
missed sunset- oh well.
What does that have to do with my suit you ask? Well, after a lovely day of swimming, canoeing, and some good eating, I had just gone inside to change out of my bathing suit and into my clothes. As I bent over to pick something up, the plastic clasp on the back of my top decided it was the perfect moment to fail. As the top flew open, I reached for the straps and reached back to do what I thought would be just a simple "re-fasten" of the top.

Well- what I thought was done back up, was actually NOT (because the clasp was in fact broken) and everything went flying once more.  Luckily for me, of the 6 people within earshot, not one of them had a "clear line of sight"...

Once I was fully covered (and apologized to anyone who may have accidentally seen more than they bargained for), I had a good laugh about it.  Even funnier though was that a friend commented on the suit earlier in the day and said "you know, I had one in a similar colour scheme but annoyingly, the clasp decided to disintegrate at an inopportune time...which is why I never buy plastic anymore." She was the one to tie the back of the top nice and tight for me once she realized what had happened.

So I guess it is time to do some shopping for a new bathing suit- yeah, I'm one of those strange people who actually only has one suit, so maybe I should buy more than one? Any cute ones out there?

So, have you had any close calls in a bathing suit? Any other wardrobe malfunctions you want to share?


Laura said...

I got a nice one at Bikini Village...they are pretty good with having interchangeable pieces to them.
And bathing suit shopping is soooooo funnnn.... :)

jcassidy said...

I've had that happen to me! So embarrassing!

Marlene said...

I sure have! Years ago I was at Wild Water Kingdom with the hubs (who just just the BF at the time) and my tankini top TOTALLY flew up giving the entire park a good show as I dropped from a water slide into the pool. MORTIFIED.

Leigh said...

Haha that's too funny! Glad that no one was able to catch a glimpse :)

I have never bought one from here, but that bathing suit store in the mall (they are in lots of malls) always has really nice ones! That wasn't helpful at all I know

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

I buy most of my bikinis at Swimco (which is probably the store Leigh is referring to). I have bought a few at Old Navy or Victoria's Secret in the past but I find they never fit quite right.

kristen said...

Marlene- you win!

Thanks for the suggestions- and I'll definitely be looking for a METAL clasp instead of plastic :)

Samantha Angela said...

I've definitely lost swimsuit bottoms after diving in the pool and there was one time on the high school swim team that my swimsuit shifted itself to expose half my chest.
You'd think those things would stay put!