Thursday, July 14, 2011

three things thursday- the tour edition

1- So I got my RoadID when? February? Yeah, I think February. I've looked at it a few times a week since then and haven't noticed anything strange. Well, apparently I'm not all that observant. Just this week I looked at it and though...wait a second...that's not the Montreal area code! Yes, that's right. My RoadID has been wrong since I got it and I just noticed it now. I'd love to blame it on a manufacturing problem, but I'm going to go with it being my fault when I submitted it. Perhaps it is time to upgrade to the interactive option?

2- I'm not sure I've mentioned it yet this year on the blog but I love the Tour de France. Love it. So this part of July feels like Christmas to me. On Sunday, there was a CRAZY incident involving a media car trying to pass the riders on a narrow stretch of road. It did not end well- the car took out two riders. It wasn't pretty but luckily it ended in a lot of stitches and road rash as opposed to something much worse. So the two riders, Juan Flecha and Johnny Hoogerland, are still part of the tour.
 Well, according to this blog post, there is a phrase known to the pro-cycle guys: Harden The Fuck Up (or HTFU). Someone has now modified that to Hoogerland the F-Up (apparently there are t-shirts already)...and I love it. So from now on, whenever I need to be toughen up, my mantra will be HOOGERLAND the Fuck UP! I might just write it on my hand. (image search Johnny Hoogerland and you'll see pictures of just how tough he is...)

3- Today is my Friday! Tomorrow is one of my summer Friday days off and I'm very excited. It has been a struggle to get out of bed every morning this week, so I'm very excited NOT to set the alarm clock and to sleep until I wake up. And then watch some Tour de France of course!

So- what is your mantra when you feel like you need to toughen up? Are you following The Tour?


Laura said...

I have to find one of those T for my hubs - the hardcore cyclist.
I cannot watch the crash..I hear about it and saw the aftermath but the crashes freak me out.
Happy Friday for you!

Lulu said...

We've been following the tour all month - that crash was awful, the whole day was awful! Thank goodness for rest days!

Leigh said...

Haha that is too funny that you only noticed the area code mistake now!

I haven't been watching any of the tour, but heard about that crash!

Marlene said...

HTFU - I like that, especially with the new twist. That guy is amazing. I can't watch it either - descriptions and photos were enough for me.

It's my Friday too! Have a great weekend.

Sarah for Real said...

Oh my, that's totally something I'd do. Although, unless some lunatic is planning to mail your body back home, does it really matter if the zip code is wrong? Haha, maybe I'm not understanding the point of the Road ID...