Monday, July 18, 2011

a summer friday

I had Friday off and it was glorious. It started with this:
me and my jamis
Then a run. While stretching, I got to watch the end of the Tour de France stage and see a rider from my favourite team win the stage :)
Once the "active" part of the day was complete:
mmm...steamed pork bun
Lunch with a friend (and no, I didn't just have this pork bun- I went BACK for the pork bun after having my just looked too good) and then the Terrace for beers with more friends.
By the time we ate (a late) dinner, it felt like it was about 4am and we were sitting around after a night at the bar. Pretty much a perfect summer Friday in the city.

What is your perfect summer day?


kristen said...

a book under an umbrella, maragarita on the table next to me.

Marlene said...

Pretty awesome Friday!

My perfect Friday: up early, not not too early, for a run. Preferably a cool summer morning. Home for late breakfast and leisurely tea. Nap. Out for lunch on a patio with hubs. Book on the deck in the shade in the afternoon. Maybe a glass of wine. Movie night IN after dark!

Michelle said...

That did look like a good day. I'm quite envious of that St. Ambroise beer you've got there. Next time I'm in town!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

That sounds lovely! I like starting my days with something active, eating good food and spending some time lounging around. Either watching a movie or sitting outside. One of my BEST days last summer was getting in a 14-mile run in the morning and then spending the afternoon floating down the river and eating chips. It was such a great day!