Monday, July 11, 2011

scenes from a birthday party

Best. Balloon. Ever.
You can take the girl out of Calgary...

not even that drunk...
And a special guest:
And some delicious treats from Michelle! I definitely celebrated turning 31 in style...and then of course remembered that I'm too old to stay up until 2 am after getting up before 7 to get my 10 mile run in so that I wouldn't have to do it on Sunday. (apparently I have also not learned how to write without run-on sentences yet). Because of that I definitely had a lazy Sunday- but that isn't such a bad thing.

I hope you have a great Monday!


Marlene said...

Happy Birthday!! Looks like fun!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Happy Birthday!! Still Stampedin' on the other side of the country I see!!
Cute balloons!

jnelle said...

looks awesome!!! love it! your card is going to be late, and your gift is in PEI (beers on a deck overlooking some pretty PEI scenery..) yahoo!

kristen said...

Your funny. Who *wouldn't* ride a baloon horse.

Happy birthday friend!

Rhonda said...

oh, my.