Wednesday, July 20, 2011

morning tempo run success!

Well, I managed to do it. I actually managed to drag myself out of bed to get a 6 mile run in before work.
I know many of you are already "morning runners" but I am not. During the work week, I generally run in the evening, but with a high heat and humidity warning issued for the rest of the week, I decided that perhaps this morning running thing had to happen...

I made plans with my trusty running buddy Suz, set all my clothes out before I went to bed, set the alarm, planned what to have as a mini-breakfast and set myself up for a successful morning run.
AM not PM
By 5:50 I was out the door and ready to run. It was definitely easier to get out the door knowing that someone would be waiting for me!  Sure, it took a bit for the legs to feel like they wanted to be moving, and the tempo miles were tough- but aren't they always? 

The run was done before the heat really sets in and I can always grab an extra cup of coffee if I start to feel groggy. All in all, a morning run success! And the extra good news- it is wine Wednesday!*

Are you a morning runner? Do you need to bribe yourself to get up early or do you just not bother?

*as Suz and I were planning our run last night she ended the text message exchange with "at least we have wine Wednesday"


Heather said...

I like morning runs best because it's over with and I feel good the rest of the day. Plus, I'm motivated during the run by the big breakfast and coffee I get when I'm done!

Marlene said...

Way to go! You will be sooo glad this is done later when the temps are soaring.

I <3 morning runs!

Leigh said...

I am definitely not a morning person, so good for you for doing your run this morning! I prefer to sleep in and then run at lunch or after work.

kristen said...

I'm a total morning runner. BUT sometimes I still need bribing. The later in the day I wait, the more excuses I can come up with to convince myself I don't really need to run.

Good for you girl!

Laura said...

awesome job. I am actually NOT a morning person but getting up and just going out is long as I don't have to socialize with anyone except the local wildlife. :)

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I am definitely a morning runner BUT not every day of the week. Both Tuesday and Wednesday I got up at 4:45 AM to go running so this morning I let myself sleep in until 6 and it was glorious :)

I just love how I feel all day long when I get my run done in the morning!

Lulu said...

The last 2 summers in QC I would leave for my morning run and stairs at 5:10, it felt so good to get it finished. Plus, I was far more alert all day!
Good work!