Monday, July 25, 2011

monday morning musings

So firstly, it is July 25th- time for The Great Fundraising Act. Go check it out! There really are some great things up for auction.

Now, onto the randomness of today:
  • I was tagged to do the 7 links. I tried to do it the other day my internet was being wonky and I got frustrated. It is hard! Anyway, it will go up tomorrow. Let me know if you'd like to do it- I'm looking for people to tag!
  • I had a great long run yesterday. There were parts that were tough, but for the most part it felt easy. It was just one of those runs that clicked. We ended with a tough hill and even after the hill, I felt great! The last mile and a half after the hill were my fastest- significantly faster than the rest. I actually had to stop myself from running extra miles- which is not something that generally happens for my long runs. It made me very happy.
  • The humidity has broken! Hooray. Yesterday was an absolutely perfect summer day. It was hot-ish, sunny, not a cloud in the sky...and most importantly- not humidity. Life is really good without humidity. (and this is perhaps why my run went so well)
  • I bought a new pair of shoes the other day and I'm trying to break them in while walking around my apartment. This was particularly funny looking yesterday while I was wearing compression sleeves:
compression sleeves and metallic flats- together at last

  • I'm going on vacation on Wednesday! Some friends are getting married on Prince Edward Island and I can't wait to go. It is the first time we've been to PEI and not only am I looking forward to that, but also to seeing my friends get married. They've been planning for a long time and I know they'll be happy to finally get hitched :)
Have you gone anywhere for the first time this year? Any fun vacations coming up?
Have a wonderful Monday!


Laura said...

I'm going to Spain in Sept...and am just starting to get excited now for it.
Sweet shoes!!

Leigh said...

We are heading to Penticton next week and I am so excited! Love having nothing to do except sit on the beach all day :)

Marlene said...

AWESOME job on the long run. Is there anything better than a run like that?

Summer would be so much more awesome without humidity.

Have a great trip to PEI! I have always wanted to visit.