Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a fund raising plug- the great fundraising act

When I was 25, I moved to a different province and I started a new job. Coincidentally so did Susan. But while I then had a pretty carefree rest of being 25 (I got married, settled into a new city, made some friends...) it has not been so lucky and carefree for Susan.

Earlier this year, she shattered (and I say that literally) her elbow while skating on the Rideau Canal. In the midst of all the recovery from that, she had a pain in her neck. She figured said pain was a pulled muscle and was going to get it checked out the next time she was at physio. Luckily, her mother had a bad feeling about it and made her go see her doctor. Before she knew it, she was in the oncology ward dealing with a diagnosis of cancer. Yup- the "c" word...at 25 years old.

When I started my job, I was immediately enrolled in my company's extended health benefits. From my first day of work, I had extensive drug (and other) coverage. I also immediately had short- and long-term disability coverage in the case of a debilitating illness. This is rare- most companies don't "take you in" like that until you've been working for them for 3 months.  Why is this important? Well, Susan started a new job 2 months before being diagnosed with cancer. A month short of having extended benefits.

The good news: the Canadian health care system takes care of MOST of Susan's medical needs. She's had two surgeries, many x-rays, a CT scan, and countless other tests that have all been payed for. She's been in the hospital since her diagnosis and she doesn't need to pay for that. Also, she recently moved in with family- so there's no rent to pay or bills adding up at home.

The bad news: the Canadian health care system doesn't cover ALL of Susan's medical needs. As she's going through chemotherapy, she may need anti-nausea medication that isn't covered, she may need other medication that would normally only be covered by an extended benefits plan and that she therefore has to pay for out of pocket. Also, little bills just add up here and there- cell phones, car insurance, a cup of coffee at a cafe...

So while the medical and other costs could be higher, Susan isn't working! Her job right now is to take everything that cancer throws at her and to come out the other side and unfortunately, that doesn't generate any income. So in order to help Susan out, enter the Great Fundraising Act.
A group of bloggers who want to help Susan with the extra expenses have put together a fund raiser. I've taken a look at some of the companies involved and bloggers involved and there should be some great stuff up for sale. So make sure you go check it out now and then be ready on the 25th!

Don't think you want to participate in bidding or won't have internet access on the 25th? You can still donate- a PayPal site has been set up to collect donations.

And if you can't donate financially- keep Susan in your thoughts and go over and send her some kind words on her blog. She's a lovely person and a great writer- you'll enjoy her posts.

For more details or if you have any questions- check out the Great Fundraising Act page and I'm sure Janetha would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for anything you might do to help Susan out.


Marlene said...

Wow. :(

Thanks for posting - a reminder closer to the date would be great!

Susan said...

I don't play favourites.

But this is one of my favourite of the fundraising posts ;)

Xoxoxoxoxo times a million.

BaliMoz said...

Hope this can help susan