Saturday, July 16, 2011

fit abs 3,000 in 35 week 2

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I'm a little late, I know, but I was busy having summer fun the last couple of days instead of blogging. I stand by that decision :)

Week 2- I did fewer reps but mostly because I took 2 days off. I had a busy weekend and decided to leave the ab reps out for the weekend. Still, I managed to get my average of 100 per day in so here are a few fitabs in numbers:

Total reps: 681
Number of "supermans": 35
Number of pushups: 100
Number of insanity abs reps: 60
Number of times I remembered to tweet about the challenge: 1 (oops)

Favourite move of the week: still that standing it.
Favourite move to hate: Pushups. I know they're a great core and overall strength move but man they suck.

I'm still liking this challenge! I can feel myself getting stronger and that makes me happy. I had some really low energy days this week and was happy that I was still able to get my reps in (even if I "just" did 100 instead of a few more like I usually like to do). I guess we're about halfway through and I've done 1,612 reps. I'm right on track!

I hope you all have a great weekend. It is going to be HOT here, so my goal will be to stay cool. Any plans for the weekend?


kristen said...

I've so failed at this challenge. I was hoping they would just give me the workouts so I could mindlessely do them and not count :) I've been doing p90x ab rippers. So good. HTFU!

Love that!

Marlene said...

You are rockin' the abs!