Wednesday, July 06, 2011

a few good reads

For today's post, I thought I'd put together a few things that I've read recently that I thought were worth passing on.

The first came from Samantha- she tweeted the link for and article on "Liar-exics." In short, this article talks about the fact that more and more women are publicly eating high calorie meals and claiming that they eat like that all the time. Meanwhile, when no one is looking, they eat tiny portions of low calorie food. While I have no problem with eating a small dinner after having a huge lunch, why bother lying about it? I love food and I love to eat...but I am well aware that if I eat calorie dense food ALL the time and don't exercise, my health (and my weight) will pay the price. STOP THE LYING is ok to be realistic about food and exercise!

The second comes from Susan. Just in case you don't follow her blog- Susan was recently diagnosed with cancer. She went from thinking she had pulled a muscle in her neck, to being told she had blood clots due to recent arm surgery, to being diagnosed with cancer all in about 24 hours. And that cancerous mass in her chest isn't all that small... She's been in the hospital ever since and one of the things she has been tweeting and blogging about is the TERRIBLE food they've been feeding her. Want to know what the food looks like at her hospital? Check it out here and here. And she has a great camera that makes the food look almost edible... (and while you're over there, send her happy thoughts- I'm of the belief that every little bit helps)

The third- just to lighten the reads a bit- comes from Katy. Did you know that most bloggers (and a LOT of companies) break Facebook rules when they're running contests? What exactly are those rules? Read her post to find out- but relying on "likes" as contest entries is actually against the rules- crazy!

I hope you all have a great day!
 Have you read anything recently that you think I should check out?

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