Tuesday, July 19, 2011

feelin' hot hot hot- summer running

I don't think it is officially a heat wave yet, but it sure is hot. The "feels like" temperatures with the humidity are in the high 30s (that's around 100 for you Fahrenheit-ers out there) and is supposed to hit 40 near the end of the week. Hot I tell you, HOT. And it seems so strange that I live in a place where I need to worry about "feels like" -40 as well as "feels like" +40...but that's this part of the country for you.

And, I end up running in almost all of it. So here are a few things I've been doing to cope with running in the heat:
  • Water. I bring water on every run...even the 3 milers. When it is hot, I tend to feel slightly dehydrated even before I start running. It just feels good to have the water with me.
  • Timing. I was up at 6 on Sunday so that I could get my long run in before it got too hot. Last Wednesday, I was out running at 8pm- when the sun was starting to set. Anything to avoid wilting in the full power of the sun.
  • Location. Even if it means running up the mountain, it is much better to run where there is shade. Tree cover is a good thing. Baking on the sidewalk? Not so much. Also, I try to run where I know I can refill my water bottles- either at water fountains or at convenience stores.
It isn't always pretty (in fact, it usually ends with me in a disgusting sweaty mass on the floor of my apartment) but I do what I can to stay as cool as I can as the temperature keeps on rising.

What are your hot weather running tips? How hot is too hot for you?


Laura said...

I always carry water....always. Today's run started at 4:30am...yes it is early but I would rather sacrifice an hr of sleep to ensure I get my run in as there is no way I am running this afternoon.
You can also soak a hat and then freeze it to let it melt on your run.
And freezing your water bottles is a good trick as well.

Leigh said...

It hasn't been that hot here lately, but it's been warm. Water is a must even for short runs like you said.

We are supposed to be getting rain and cooler weather at the end of the week here....want to trade?

Marlene said...

I'm melting!!!!!!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

It has NOT been hot here this summer. But I'm OK with that because the temps have been PERFECT for running (I could do without the rain though).

Those are great tips! Last summer when I was marathon training I had to leave REALLY early to get my long runs in, I would start them as early as 4:30 AM!!! Crazy but true. And water is a MUST!