Friday, July 08, 2011

3,000 in 35: week one thoughts

As I said last week, I'm participating in the 3,000 in 35 challenge.
FitBlog Chats
As a part of the challenge, I'm giving updates on how each week went. So first- my week in some numbers (obviously not all numbers are there):
Number of "front" crunches: 70
Number of oblique crunches: 120
Number of side plank dips: 50
Number of sets of the "Brazil Butt Lift" workout: 35 (so 350 reps)
Number of reps total: 931
Number of days I felt totally dorky for having my own "abs" spreadsheet: all 7 (but I do love my spreadsheets- just ask the other bridesmaids in my sister's wedding...)

Now some loves and hates:
Favourite move of the week: the standing tuck (how nice is it to have an ab set that you can do standing up??)
Workout I loved to hate: the brazil butt lift set (HOLY CRAP THAT IS HARD)
I thought I'd hate: getting up a few minutes early on week days- but I don't
I love: that a few more of my friends decided to get involved after I littered their twitter feeds with the #fitabs hashtag.

All in all, a good week one! Hopefully things continue to go well.
If you were participating- how did your week go? If not- any numbers, loves, or hates to report this week?

(and if you still want to participate- play along- and go check out Ashley's page for more exercises twice a week)


Marlene said...

You are an ab maniac! Awesome!

kristen said...

way to be girl! I'm not getting them in everyday. I was kinda hoping they would just give me the workouts and I would follow along. Is that awful?! I havn't had the time this week to focus on it as much as I'd like.

Jamie Walker said...

Ab-sational! ;) Great ab go girl!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I might want to play! This is thefirst I've heard of it. I always think I need to spend a few mins every day doing core work and here is the perfect solution! Will go check out Ashley's page now!