Thursday, June 16, 2011

three things thursday

Good morning! I have nothing witty to say right now- so three things:

First: The Stanley Cup Final.
For those of you who were cheering for Vancouver- I know your pain friends. Watching Tampa win in 2004 was not fun. And next year, every time you watch Hockey Night in Canada, you will have to watch Chara hoist the cup in the opening. You might have to look away.

I was cheering for Boston. As a Flames fan, I just couldn't cheer for Vancouver....AND my grandfather was a huge Bruins fan. He and my mum had a bottle of wine riding on the Montreal-Boston series. When we drank that bottle of wine at his memorial service, I silently toasted to the Bruins winning the cup. Then not so silently, my sister and I rooted for the Bruins for the rest of the playoffs. Yeah, it's just hockey- but I smiled for him last night.

Second: Stanley Cup Aftermath
I'm not going to preach about this- but rather try to make a slight joke. Can you imagine calling your insurance company this morning if you're one of those poor Vancouverites who had their car burned? -Hi...I'd like to make an insurance claim...there was a fire in my car.
-Oh dear sir, are you ok? Were you in an accident?" was parked.
-Parked sir? Where was it parked??

Third: The Race
Thank you for all of your comments. It seems you were all thinking just the same way I was leaning- toward the Montreal race. So it is decided. Night race (yaaaay) and Montreal half-marathon here I come!

And just to make you laugh- here's a picture of my sister and I when we were really young. And yes, I look like a boy.
Sweet shoes Heather :)
Happy Friday Eve! What is your one (or more) thing this Thursday?


kristen said...

I happy for your grandfather. It was the same for me when the Saints won the superbowl. Still gives me chills and makes my heart happy for my Grandpa.

I was torn. I hate all sports New England. Toally overrated. Sick of hearing about it. The only time I'm a red sox fans is when their playing the yankees. Still I'm not canadien. In the end, I didn't really give a shit who won I guess. The riots are rediculous! I guess canadiens aren't more civilized than us Americans after all, eh.

I'm glad you choose that race. That was my vote too!

Derek said...

Happy for your grandfather as well. Cheers!

Leigh said...

Is it bad that I don't follow hockey? I just don't enjoy it at all.

My thing would be that it's my Friday today and tomorrow I leave for holidays! So excited :)

Heather said...

That might have been the height of your boyness! And I totes remember those shoes. Loved them.

Lulu said...

I still remember that goal in game 6..... it was in... and Carey Fraser is the worst ref I've ever seen....

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Yah I cried a little in 2004--- rioting is completely uncalled for though. What an embarrassment to the city, country and hockey!!

Nice way to remember your grandfather!

Marlene said...

Ugh, reading about the riots and vandalism is just disgusting... I'm sure the insurance companies' phones are ringing off the hook today!

Sounds like a good choice on the race!

Leana said...

Yay for your grandpa!! What a sweet story about the wine. I'm pretty sure you knew who I was cheering for...but Boston was definitely the better team.

The rioting was disgusting, but I think the true honourable Vancouverites showed up the next day to clean up the mess.