Thursday, June 23, 2011

three things thursday- the travel edition

Since I'm on the road- three things sort of travel related.

1- Landing in Toronto yesterday was gross. The smog was terrible and it felt like we were landing in Brazil or something like that. It made me glad I don't live there.

2- We were of course delayed leaving Toronto. But there were at least a few interesting incidents: a police officer waiting for a flight and taking statements. Also- as we taxied out, tonnes of airport security and darkened SUVs on the tarmac. Kind of interesting.

3- After a night in Calgary, our 3rd leg starts this morning. Out to the BC coast this morning! It will be nice to see the ocean!

For a second I was worried that today was actually Wednesday... That's just the kind of week it has been.

Any good travel stories?


Jessica @ Life & Design said...

Has this week crawled for you too? I definitely feel like it should be Friday already... but it's not :(

Leigh said...

I don't blame you for not liking being delayed, we were delayed leaving Tampa and missed our connecting flight! Hope you have a great time on the coast though!

Marlene said...

Yeah, Toronto can be nasty on a smoggy day. :(

Safe travels!!!