Thursday, June 30, 2011

three for a thursday- the jet lagged edition

So I'm finally home (for some reason, it felt like we were gone way longer than a week) and definitely not feeling like I'm back in the right time zone. We took the red eye flight yesterday morning (leaving at 1 am and landing in Montreal at 7am) and despite the fact that we had to sit on the tarmac for 30 minutes before getting off the plane, all went well. Ok- onto the three things:

1- I pushed my snooze alarm for 40 minutes this morning without waking up. What finally woke me up was not my alarm but rather the birds outside the window. I must still be on Island time...
The weather is always best the day you're leaving
Hopefully I can make it through the day with a little bit of alertness and with enough energy to get my butt out the door and run after work- because I definitely didn't have it in me to run yesterday.

2- Despite the fact that I'm now in my 30s (ack, I guess now that I'm practically 31, I have to say "my 30s) and my sister is going to have a baby, I'm glad to see that we haven't really grown up:

Both of those were taken within days of each other...and this weekend. We're oh so mature, and I love it.

3- And in another bout of maturity- this is what I like to do when I'm all dressed up for a wedding:
Tire swings + Dresses = Fun
Luckily I didn't get too dirty because I had to wear that same thing to a funeral a few days later. I stand by the decision to have fun on the swing :)

So- what have you done lately that shows just how mature you aren't?


kristen said...

Are you using windows live writer for blogger? If not, you should be. It's a thousand times easier. I didn't realize I could use livewriter for wordpress so I will start doing so. I think that will help with the pictures.

kristen said...

I'm a Mac user- so I don't use livewriter. I've heard Ecto is similar, but you have to pay for it and I hear it is really "buggy". So I'll have to figure out what my best option is...

Heather said...

I think we should have played on the boat playground. Too bad the three year olds were hogging it!

Toronto Girl West said...

The tire swing picture is super cute! :o)

As for me - I haven't done enough to show my immaturity lately. Must. Fix. That.

Laura said...

Tire swings? FUN!
I am not mature...and proud of it. :)