Monday, June 20, 2011

a sunday long run- when animals attack

I'm haven't started a new training cycle yet (but will be soon- the Montreal half marathon is but 14 weeks away!) but I'm trying to do a semi-long run every week so that I can stay in decent running shape leading into the training. It's funny- other than some heavy legs of late (which I don't know why I have), it isn't the physical part of running longer that I'm having a hard time with but rather the mental aspect. I think  the most recent training cycle (and race) took more out of my mentally than I realized. I'm finding it harder to stay mentally tough through my runs. I'm hoping that will change once the new "schedule" starts up.

But today was a beautiful day for a run. Sunny but not too hot, slight breeze, and blue skies.
Lachine Canal
I didn't worry too much about time or pace and just tried to enjoy myself. I was definitely having a decent run when I got harassed by a red-winged blackbird. I don't like any birds, but those birds are JERKS. Jordan has had issues with this type of bird, we've seem them attacking other birds, and this morning I was not too excited to feel (and see) one around my head and face. I had to speed up to get the heck out of there and I'm sure I looked a little weird yelling and waving my arms in the air trying to get it to leave me the heck alone.

Once my heart stopped racing from that, I went back to enjoying my run.
Boating on a Sunday
You would think that one animal attack would be enough for one run but no, the animals were out in full force and had other ideas. I was only a few minutes from home and coming up on a house that I know has a large dog behind a small fence. Said dog has startled me before (and for awhile Suz decided she'd rather run in the middle of the road rather than on the sidewalk in order to avoid being startled by the dog) but is relatively harmless. My guard was up, but I wasn't really concerned.

I passed the dog without incident, but then came up on people walking two other dogs. As I passed them, all of a sudden there's a Sheltie lunging at my leg. I was so surprised that I just kept running. Since it didn't bite me (thought it seemed like it was trying), I didn't bother to turn back and give the owners a "hey, control your dog", but I probably should have. It was the first time I'd had a dog lunge at me while running so I was definitely more surprised than anything.

Two animals in one run? How did that happen???

Do you have any animal stories? Any animal attacks while on the run?


Laura said...

"those birds are jerks"....first good laugh I have had this morning!
I haven't been attacked but had my guard up with dogs of late..

Marlene said...

Yikes to the animal attacks! I have had dogs lunge at me before - definitely not fun!

Anonymous said...

LOL. I almost ran over a squirrel while running yesterday. He was playing chicken with me. And about the first part of your post, I think it's a lot tougher to get out there mentally for long runs when there's not a specific goal in mind. While you're training for something that one race is on your mind and pushing you through the run.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

EEEEP. The bird thing would have sent me over the edge. I HATE BIRDS!

Once a lady literally had to put her body weight on her huge dog to hold it down and keep it from attacking me. That was a bit freaky!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Thankfully I haven't been attacked by birds yet, but a dog lunged out at my hubby one day when we were on a run. Then his owner gave him a treat... WTF???

He definitely gave the owner a piece of his mind!