Tuesday, June 14, 2011


How's this for a random post? It is about signs. Yes, that's right. A post dedicated to some signage.

Sign 1: My neighbourhood has 2 tattoo parlours. I run and walk by this one a lot and I enjoy the signage. It almost makes me want to go and get a tattoo.

Tattoage anyone?
 Sign 2: When I was in Ottawa last week, these "signs" were in my temporary cubicle at work:
cubicle signs
They were congratulating me for getting into school. (yeah- I have really nice co-workers :) Each sign represents a city that is a part of the program.  My favourite is the second one, which just happens to be Montreal:
p is for poutine
A good poutine sign warms my heart (or perhaps clogs it?).  Just in case you're trying to figure out where this program travels based on the signs (and some are a bit of a stretch), I will be going to: Toronto, Montreal (ok, so I'm already here, but whatever), Rome, and Barcelona. I'm definitely excited about the last two!

So- have you seen any good signs lately? (and maybe I need to post more pictures of signs...looking at iphoto- I've taken a lot of pictures of signs...weird)


Marlene said...

Super sweet co-workers!

And I didn't realize you would be traveling - no Europe no less! How exciting!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

How cool that you get to go to Rome and Barcelona for school. That is super awesome and exciting!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

That Tattoo sign makes me want one too!!!

You have nice co-workers!! Super jealous of your program that allows you to travel to all those cool places!!
I LOVE Barcelona. I would move there in a heartbeat!!

Tricia said...

awww yippee for nice co workers

Lulu said...

Congrats!!! Sounds like crazy fun... what program is it?

Anonymous said...

We went visiting some shops on the beach this last weekend and one shop had the coolest signs with great sayings on them. Congrats on the school!!

kristen said...

I've been seeing a bunch of those Medical Marijuan call 1.800..... pop up in my town. Hmmmm.