Friday, June 17, 2011

one of my favourite things- run: swiftly ss

I thought, why not share one of my favourite things on a Friday- today's favourite is a piece of running gear- the lululemon run: swiftly tech short sleeve.

I have two of them:
pink shirt in action
i love my run swiftly tech (and my sister)
They are light, they are seamless, and they are oh so soft. Any time I have to fold them, I want to rub them up against my face- and any time I walk into a lululemon store, I have to touch them. I've run in the blazing sun, I've layered them and run in the cold...they're versatile and they're the most comfortable shirts I own. In fact, if I could drape myself in this fabric and wear it all of the time, I would.

But there's more! Here's a little Run Swiftly tidbit- they contain hidden messages. Check out the bottom seam:
I am a runner because I run
This one really speaks to me- I hate the treadmill :)
Sure, they have nothing to do with the performance of the shirt, but it is kind of fun to know that they are there.

So what about the price? At $58, that's indeed a "spendy" shirt. The pink shirt was bought at full price, the grey I bought on sale and I've been scouring both the website and the stores for more sales- I love the shirt, but I don't love the price tag. If you think about it in a "price-per-wear" way, there is a lot of value in there. But there's definitely a sticker shock. Is it worth it? If you have the money, absolutely. But if you can find one on sale, even better!

Run: Swiftly Short Sleeve: two thumbs up.
(I know that Amber recently had a problem with one- her shirt ripped. Not fun, but the good news is, Lululemon has great customer service and finds a way to fix problems with their merchandise.)

Do you have a favourite shirt?


Michelle said...

I love my swiftly too. The only problem I have is that I wanted to wear it in my last race (because it's lime green) but the fabric feels so delicate and I was petrified to put safety pins through it to pin on my number. I haven't had it very long. I didn't want to hurt it.

kristen said...

I've worn the pink one in two races- a 10K (the one in the picture) and a half marathon. I was a little worried about the pins too, but it has held up just fine.

I recently got these weird things that I think are for sticking your bib to the shirt (they were free) but I can't read the instructions because they are in Japanese. I wanted to use them for the race but was too afraid the bib would fall off. Maybe I'll try them in another race and let you know how it goes so that you don' need to puncture the shirt :)

Heather said...

You could also get a race number belt. They seem annoying and cumbersome, but if you get a nice adjustable elastic one, you don't even notice that it's on. Then you never have to clip anything to your shirt and it's easy on, easy off. I love my Nathan one.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I REALLY do love my run swiftly t-shirt (and the tank top I have) and I would buy more. But I now realize how SUPER CAREFUL I have to be with them. They are so delicate. What happened with the t-shirt is it had little threads sticking out of it and I went to rip it off and it ripped a HUGE rip in my t-shirt. But with my run swiftly tank top I was very careful to cut those threads off not pull them..

I also think I'm going to get some lingerie bags to start washing them in. SOmeone on Twitter recommended that to me!

Leigh said...

I wish I could buy more Lululemon because you have me convinced to buy one of the shirts! :) I like the Nike dri-fit shirts though, they are so comfy!

Marlene said...

There is nothing like a favourite shirt! I love the hidden text.

Aron said...

I LOVE my swiftly shirt too! I like the long sleeve the best, love the short sleeve, and need to get a tank to try out :) They are sooo soft <3

kristen said...

I have the long sleeve and it got a small hole in it after three washings. Thumbs down. But yes, it's very comfortable.

kristen said...

I must be one of the lucky ones- I've had no problem with snags or holes or rips. Mine have stood up fairly well. (though noe that I say that, something is going to happen isn't it?)

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

I LOVE those shirts!! I have two long sleeve ones, and 3 short sleeve ones.

I tried on the tanks made from the same material and they fit weirdly. I was very disappointed- tears may have been shed...

The $58 is worth it. I love the hidden messages! I haven't had any quality issues with mine either.

On and instead of putting safety pins through my shirts I wear a race belt with my bib. I don't even notice it.