Monday, June 13, 2011

montreal grand prix

Here's something I never thought I'd say: I think going to a car race might actually be fun.
Foot races? Yeah, I'm all over watching people go around and around a track or running by on the street...but cars? No thanks.

Until now. There was an F1 race here in Montreal over the weekend and the atmosphere was really kind of exciting. Suz and I ran out to the track on Saturday when the qualifying was going on and you could hear the cars from shockingly far away. Unfortunately our timing was off and we got to the track (or near the track- we couldn't get too close without tickets) right as there was a break. But the atmosphere was pretty exciting and I'm pretty sure I uttered the words "Hey- NASCAR is coming later this year, maybe we should see how much tickets are." Seriously? I suggested that NASCAR might be fun? Who am I?

On Sunday- the day of the actual race- Jordan ran out to the track to check it out. If you were watching the race or if you saw any of the highlights, it started to POUR with rain. So rainy that I put a towel by the front door because I knew that when he got home, he would be dripping wet (his shoes will probably be wet for 2 days). Despite the soaking wet run, the excitement and power of the cars were really all Jordan could talk about. He's not really in to car racing (though he does love Top Gear) but the words "I'm really kicking myself for not getting tickets" came out of his mouth.

So I better get my daisy dukes ready, buy some ear plugs, and do my research- we may be heading to NASCAR just to see what it is all about...Do you think Ricky Bobby will be there?

Have you found yourself fascinated with something completely unexpected? Is there anything you've gotten really excited about that surprised the heck out of you?


jcassidy said...

I mean who doesn't love top gear??

Samantha Angela said...

A few of my dad's friends were in Montreal for the Grand Prix this weekend so we were just talking about it last night and I was saying how boring that must be to watch cars go round and round a track. Who cares?
...I imagine the Grand Prix would be more exciting than an oval track like Nascar though

Shannon said...

I worked at the Indy race in TO when I was in University. It was awesome, and that was definitely an "unexpected like" for me! If you have the chance to catch a race just once in your life, you should! I've got the midfield of a NASCAR race on my bucket list!