Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i recommend- run run revolution

Today, I have a recommendation- watch Run Run Revolution.
Run Run Revolution follows a group of 12 and 13 year olds as they learn to run and train for a sprint relay and 5K road race as a part of the Boston Marathon weekend. They're 10 kids from all walks of life who get chosen to participate in their school's running program.

As we watched the episodes, they started off saying things like "I can't run" and "I'm not a runner." I actually said "I know that feeling" out loud and remembered my very first running post here. I was a little nervous to announce it to the internet because it meant it was really going to happen- I was training for a 10K. (and if you go back and read that post- please read the last comment from Heather- I LOVE reading that comment and then thinking about the fact that she completed a half Ironman!)

Watching the kids go from non-runners to runners was really kind of awesome. Not only do you get to watch them train through the winter (because MAN do I feel that pain) but it is fun to see their stories. We all have our issues- family issues, self esteem issues, bad attitude issues (and we're talking 12 and 13 year olds, so there is plenty of attitude)- whether we are 13 or 30. We all have things that get in our way and that we overcome.

The Canadian music soundtrack, the familiar locale (Ottawa friends- be on the lookout for places you recognize), and the running theme, all add up to a really good watch. Seeing the kids accomplish their first race reminded me so much of completing my first race. And it made me wish that I had finished that first race at 13 instead of at 26! All the running I could have done! :)

If you're in Canada, you can definitely watch the full episodes at the CBC Run Run Revolution website. If you're somewhere else- give it a try anyway. Maybe the CBC will let you watch online too.

Have you seen Run Run Revolution? If so- what did you think? Have you ever been part of a running program for kids?


Heather said...

and I just can't believe I used the work "folks". That's what being new in the airline business does to you!

We have both come a long way!

Marlene said...

Oooh, sounds good! Will check it out online. Thanks!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Haven't heard of it but will check it out!

I really wish I had learned to run when I was a tween-teenager. I think it would have helped me appreciate my body more at a younger age.

It's truly amazing how far we have come as runners and what running has done for other areas of our lives. I always remember the first day my hubby took me for a run and I wanted to kill him. I uttered the words "People actually do this for fun?"
Now I am one of those crazy people!! Love it!