Wednesday, June 15, 2011

help me choose a race!

As I said in a previous post, I'm having trouble deciding on my September races. So I thought I would put it out there and ask what other people think- can you think of some pros or cons or things that I haven't considered that will help me decide what race(s) to pick?

Race 1:
Date: September 18, 2011
Location: Ottawa
Distances: I'd be running the half-marathon. There is a 5K as well.
Fee: $65 if I register by the end of day June 15th (eek, just realized that) $85 after the 15th.

Pros: Very well organized; I've run a lot in Ottawa so I feel good running there . I've run the race before (though the course has changed, the Army Run was my first sub-2 hour half). Mostly flat. I know the last few kilometers of the race like the back of my hand. If by some crazy scheduling miracle things work out, it is far enough from the Toronto Waterfront race that I could use this as a tune up if I wanted to.

Cons: It is the morning after the Night Race so doing the Army Run means no Night Race. Travel required. I don't know the middle section of the course all that well. I need to decide MUCH sooner in order to get the cheaper price.

Race 2:
Date: September 25, 2011
Location: Montreal
Distances: I'd be running the half, but there is also a full marathon
Fee: $75 before September 14th, $85 after September 14th (I would definitely register before the fee change)

Pros: No travel required. I can train on the course. It is a little later in September so it is less likely to be really hot. I can still do the Night Race. I should really get used to running races here- I do live here after all. Racers receive a "complimentary light lunch."

Cons: I don't know the course very well. The hills might mean less of a chance to PR. Those hills scare me a little. I have no idea if it is well organized. The aforementioned "light lunch" may go uneaten if I really give it my all and feel like ass afterward.

I'm definitely leaning toward one race over the other (I'll let you know which once you've commented) but thought I'd throw this out there- Which race would YOU do? Do you see any pros or cons that I'm missing?


Heather said...

I say the Montreal race. You'll never know the course or if it's well organized unless you try it!!

Lulu said...

I'd love to vote for the Army race (of course), but sadly, logistics dictate that Montreal might be a better option... so nice to have so many options though!

S said...

Training on the actual course is invaluable. When I have done that, my times have been fabulous (by my standards) and I felt the best about those runs. When I run a race, I don't like having too many surprises.

Leigh said...

Hm, that's a hard decision. I saw go with something new especially since you are able to train on the course. And kick those hills butts while you are at it!

Kirst said...

I say do the Montreal one. That way you can still do the night race. Which looks cool by the way.

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Voting for the new race in Montreal so you can do the Night Race also. Plus if you train on the course you will be prepared for the hills!!