Monday, June 06, 2011

back on the bike

After a busy week of recovery and family visits, both of us did a short run on Friday but decided that was enough running for the weekend. So instead of running, we got out the bikes for the first time since the fall.

Thanks for getting my bike ready!
Confession: riding on Montreal roads scares the crap out of me. Luckily, there's plenty of non-road riding (that involves only a little road riding to get to) around these parts and we were able to get out and ride for a couple of hours without worrying about traffic. Our only worries were Jordan's evil nemesis  birds (seriously...those things hate him) and the bugs that tried to get in our helmets and who flew right into us. As far as  hazards go, not too bad :)

Next time I'll take pictures- but until then, I will try to figure out the best way to sit on my sore butt! No saddle sores, but I'm definitely a little tender after a long winter of no riding...ouch.

So- did the first weekend in June bring any summer activities? Did you do anything that you hadn't done in awhile?

Regardless, hope you had a great weekend!


Marlene said...

I went on my longest bike ride EVER this weekend. A whopping hour long. lol. Hey, it's a big deal for me!

Glad you got back out there on the bike and had a great long ride with the hubs. FUN!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

I also went on a bike ride this weekend! It was my second time this year on the road, but I have been spinning a bit over the winter so my seat wasn't very sore.

Leigh said...

Mine brought an indoor bike because of the rain, but I was able to get outside to run yesterday! First one since my half. I also mowed the lawn...that's a summer activity right? :)

kristen said...

Way to go Marlene! The long bike rides are weird at first when you're used to running :)

And yes- lawn mowing is totally a summer activity.

Heather said...

Sore butts at the start of rising season are pretty much unavoidable. I haven't been on my bike since the 70.3. Painful memories? I think so.