Saturday, May 28, 2011


Well, tomorrow is race day. The weather is looking a little better than it was earlier in the week, so I'm cautiously optimistic about it.
The sun is supposed to be hidden by clouds- which is exactly what I was hoping for all week and although it is supposed to be warmer than what I would consider to be ideal temperatures,  it shouldn't be in the 30s. So life is better!

I've trained hard for this (I've been training for a PR and I'm ready to break my current one!)- so I need to run the race believing in myself, owning it, and doing the best I have in me tomorrow. I'm not sure why, but I'm not as excited as I feel like I should be. But maybe that will come tomorrow!

Regardless, I'll be ready to give it all I have tomorrow.
Good luck to anyone racing tomorrow (I'm lookin' at you Calgary folks)! Have fun and rock it!

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lish said...

Good luck!!!!! Trust your are going to Rock it!

Leigh said...

Good luck again tomorrow! Hope it goes well :)

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to hear about how it goes!

Derek said...

Good Luck, hope it goes GREAT!!

Heather said...

You're going to have lots and lots of fun. The rest doesn't really matter! I wish I was there to cheer you on!

Marlene said...