Thursday, May 26, 2011

three things thursday- wow, it is almost june

Where did May go? It is the last week of May, this weekend is race weekend, and it is now almost summer! It is hard to believe that the month has gone so quickly.  But it has- and here are three things this Thursday:

1- I'm not so excited about how the weather forecast is looking for Sunday. There's a humidex in the air and that's a little scary to me. But, the race must go on and all I can do is adjust my goals if necessary.

2- Speaking of the race- we've been watching the following movies this weekend/week to pump us up:
Spirit of the Marathon, Nova Marathon Challenge, and Run Fat Boy Run. Ok, so the first two are to pump us up, the third is to make us laugh.

3. And since it is race week and it isn't surprising that my entire list would be about running or the race- I really need to make my play list. I'm not normally an ipod racer, but recently I've found that the music helps me stop thinking a bit- which is often very helpful when I'm racing. I think I have most of my songs chosen, but I'm definitely up for suggestions.

So my question for you today: Any race-day play list suggestions? What song really pumps you up?

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Marlene said...

Ohh I hope that forecast improves for you! Humidity is not my friend. But it will not stop you!!!

Leigh said...

I will still trade the rain and cold weather! Loved The Spirit of the Marathon! It was cool to follow along on other people's journeys to the marathon.

I am currently loving Party Rock Anthem by LMAFO or Gold Dust by DJ Fresh. Both upbeat and catchy songs!

Anonymous said...

What kind of music do you like to run to?

I was just wondering myself where May went. Good luck on your race!!

kristen said...

Marlene- I'm hoping for the best but will definitely adjust my goals if I start to overheat!

Leigh- your race conditions are looking PERFECT for Sunday- 14 degrees and partly cloudy. You'll do awesome!

Britt- I like a little bit of everything. My race play lists usually range from Guns n Roses to the Dixie Chicks to LL Cool I just want anything with a good beat :)

Leigh said...

Ps- I just looked at the weather again and you are right, sun and 14!! I swear it changes everyday, so fingers crossed it stays at that forecast!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I'm a huge fan of Cascada for running music. All their songs are really upbeat and great!

I watched Run Fat Boy Run for the first time a few weeks ago. Can't believe I'd never seen it - soo funny!! OH, and Spirit of the Marathon is SUCH an inspiring movie!!!

Kirst said...

Leigh you must be in Calgary. I'm Kristen's sister in-law and am running the half this weekend in Calgary. I too keep looking at the forecast and it seems to change hourly. Lets hope for no rain. And hope that it isn't too hot for you Kristen. Have fun with my parents.

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Good luck on your race!! Hope the weather cools down for you!

I also can't believe May is almost over--- summer is going to go by so quickly! :(

Right now I am loving Adele- Rolling in the Deep. My playlists are full of pop music because they have such a great beat.