Thursday, May 12, 2011

three things thursday- the "three" edition

I hope you enjoyed the picture a day. I know it wasn't much, but it was something I could throw together quickly while I was away. Now I'm playing catch-up with all your posts! On to three things Thursday- this one will be inspired by what else? THREE!

1- I only have three speed (or tempo) sessions left in this training cycle. THREE! (wow- the word three has lost all meaning after writing it six times) That means we're three weeks out from the race. I guess now's the time to plan wardrobe and think about the race plan. (step one, have fun?) Only two more long runs...EEK!

2- My long run on Sunday (done in Vermont) involved THREE very hilly loops. The road I was running on was called something like "Over the Mountain Rd". Now, while I wouldn't call the hill a mountain, it was a pretty good hill- and I did it THREE times. Sure, the third time was a slow loop with my preggers sister (she runs based on heart rate), but it was a lot of work! Good news though- the 14 miles felt pretty good and made me feel good about my training!

3- Even though I am only working THREE days this week, it already feels like a long one. I got back from Vermont yesterday and had to go to class after having only a couple of hours to chill out. It was a long few days out there, but it was really nice to have some family time despite the sadness. Usually I take lots of pictures in Vermont, but somehow I didn't take any this trip- even of my little sister's ever growing belly! I guess I just wasn't in the mood. The camera was always with me, it just wasn't ever out. I'm glad other people were taking pictures- we definitely got a couple of good group shots.

There you have it, this week's three things Thursday, inspired by three. Anything "three" that you'd like to share?


Aron said...

AHH getting close to race time!! I love when I can count hard workouts left on one hand ;)

Marlene said...

THREEEEEE sleeps til race day! :D

And Ottawa won't be far behind!!