Thursday, May 05, 2011

three things thursday- a grey and rainy edition

Thank you for all your kind words regarding my grandfather. It will be nice to have my family together this weekend so that we can all remember together :)

On to three things thursday:

I managed to pretty much nail my speedwork yesterday despite the rain and almost bailing on some wet cobblestones (sure, they look nice, but they aren't ideal to run across). Before I left, I tweeted that it had the potential to be pretty craptastic. But you know what? It wasn't. It was rainy but it was a good temperature (I had gloves ad short sleeves- I needed the gloves for most of it and then was too lazy to take them off). The paths were pretty clear of people (due to the rain), so I could just do my own thing and get it done. As I was warming up, I set in my mind that I was going to nail it and I did (well pretty much- I was a few seconds slow for the mile that I almost bailed but it evened up since as usual my first mile was too fast). Keys to good speedwork: a good attitude and some great music!

It has been raining for 2 or three days and it is supposed to keep! We've had rainfall warnings for the last 2 days- though I think it is supposed to be a little lighter today. I would really like to see the sun soon! The greyness brings me down and seems to suck the energy out of me. Do you think if I sing the old "Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun....Please shine down on me....." song it will listen? On that song note- who was that who sang it- Raffi? Sharon, Lois and Bram? I just can't remember. (edited to add- it was Raffi. and now I have "Baby Beluga" in my head)

And to complete the cycle of absolute complete randomness, I will show you a picture I took of a sign in the bathroom of a coffee shop. For those of you who don't speak French, the text says "Play with your instrument, make money." And well, I just think the picture they chose was a little unfortunate. Maybe they should have put a real guitar in his hands? Maybe they should have questioned the placement of his right hand? Now, perhaps it doesn't come across quite the same in the picture as it did at eye level in the bathroom, but it made me laugh (and no I wasn't drunk at the time).
questionable advertising?
So- have you seen any advertising lately that made you go "whaaat???" Have a great Thursday!


Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Great job on the rainy speedwork!! Sorry you almost bailed though! Eeekkk.
We have rain in the forecast for the next 4-5 days and I am not looking forward to it! We really need to landscape our backyard so this isn't helping.
That's quite the ad!! Whoever approved that should be fired!!

Marlene said...

I hope that rain clears up for you soon - although it IS nice when the paths are clear.

Nice job on your speed work!

chris mcpeake said...

great poster... to funny