Thursday, May 19, 2011

three things thursday- the final exam edition

On this rainy and grey Thursday, here are three things:

1. So my final exam is today. At 9:30 pm, my calculus nonsense is finally OVER. I am not even remotely excited about the exam and don't really feel as prepared as I'd like to but the most important part is that it will be over. No more calculus. Hopefully no more calculus ever again...

2. In fun news, check out how purple these potatoes are:
Salad for dinner.
Seriously- I did nothing to enhance the colours in that picture. The potatoes were just that purple. It made my dinner feel so cheery! And since we've had nothing but rain for the last week, the cheer was very much needed.

3. As you may have noticed from my Tuesday post, I'm feeling a little burned out. Therefore, I'm so very happy that this will be a long weekend. Holiday Monday? YES PLEASE! Normally I'd say I was looking forward to sitting around and drinking beer, but since I'm trying to limit my alcohol (and since I'll be having a drink or two tonight to celebrate the end of calculus) until after the race, I'm looking forward to some sun and some sparkling water :)

Have you ever had potatoes that purple? Any plans for the long weekend?


lish said...

Last Exam!!! Wooo hooo!!!! Good certainly do need a long weekend!!!

Marlene said...

Good luck on the exam! It will be sooo nice to have that over with, just in time to RELAX for the long weekend.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!

And enjoy the long weekend. I'll have a beverage or two for you tonight as well


Sarah said...

Wowza! I've never had purple potatoes but I'm going to be on the lookout. They are beautiful!

Leigh said...

I have never tried purple potatoes before! They are seriously purple too!

I hope you enjoy your long weekend! Do you have any long runs left?

kristen said...

One more long run left! I haven't quite decided how long it will be though- it will depend on how I'm feeling.