Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ryders eyewear- a review and giveaway

I am definitely a sunglasses person (unlike another blogger I 'know'). I wear sunglasses when I run, when I walk, when I bike...maybe it is because I wear contacts and so my eyes are a little more sensitive to the sun, but I've always been a sunglasses person. So when I was given the opportunity to try out a new pair, I jumped at the chance. I was especially excited because the glasses were Ryders- a Canadian company.

When I was offered a pair, I had no idea what style I'd get, so initially I thought that I'd try them, I'd let Jordan try them and we could both give them a review. When I opened the envelope and saw the Solace, I was excited for me, but quickly realized this would be a solo review. He did, however, let me take a rock-star picture of him in the glasses:
Ryders in action at the Saint Henri coffee house
Although these glasses are not specifically designed to run in (I think they are classified as "chill" instead of "performance") I decided to see how they'd stand up to both running and general wear. After all- everyone likes versatile gear!

So what do I think? I'm a big fan.  You've already seen them in action during my trip to Vancouver:
Ryders in their home town.
But since I was also using them for running- it was nice to be able to take just ONE pair of sunglasses on the trip instead of my usual two (one for every day and one for running). This means they've also come with me to Calgary, to Ottawa, and on my recent trip to Vermont.

In fact, I ran 14 (very hilly) miles in them while in Vermont and this is where I discovered that they also fit under my running hat. This was a huge surprise to me as I figured that pairing with a hat was one thing they wouldn't be able to do. But it worked out and I was thrilled to have sun protection for both my eyes and face!

Some specifics-
Things I love:
-they are big- so they protect more of me from the sun (and as someone with a small head- they are big without being too big)
-love the tortoise shell
-comfortable (no bouncing when I run, comfortable in every day life too)
-very reasonably priced (even though I didn't pay for them- I would)

Things I don't love:
-I have to admit- when I'm running they don't make me feel very "bad ass", which is something that a sportier frame might do.
-the way they fit my face means that the top of the frame hits my forehead a bit- so if I'm really sweating and wearing a lot of sunscreen, I end up with a nasty combination of sweat and sunscreen on the top the lenses
-I don't mind it- but when my mum tried them on, she didn't like the colour of the lenses- the brown was a little weird for her

All in all- thumbs way up for the Ryders Solace and for Ryders in general- I actually own a pair that have made an appearance on the blog before (on this post). Comfortable, versatile, and good looking. While they won't become my every day running glasses, they have quickly become my every day sunglasses that have the added bonus of being run-friendly.

So- would you like to win a pair of Ryders? Here's what to do:
1 entry- go visit Ryders online and let me know what you think. What style do you like best? Where would you take your Ryders this summer?
+1 entry- check out Ryders on Facebook and "like" them (then let me know in the comments)
+1 entry- follow Ryders on Twitter and tweet something like "I like sunglasses- and I want a pair of @RydersEyewear. Good thing @moultgard is giving a pair away!" (so maybe follow me- @moultgard while you're at it!)

Edited to add: You don't have to be a blogger or have a login account to enter- just make sure you leave some identifying information in your comment like "Hi, I'm Jessica from Whitehorse, and I'd wear my Ryders all summer long- longer than all you southerners because we get more summer sun"

You have until 10 pm EST on June 1st to enter. Good Luck!

**Full disclosure- I was given these sunglasses free of charge in exchange for my review. The review is my opinion and I will always give my true opinion of any product I review.**


Leigh said...

I love the pair that you got! Definitely versatile so you could wear them running or in everyday wear.

I liked them on Facebook and if I were to win, I would choose the Duchess for everyday wearing and the zephyer for running :)

Derek said...

Commenting (currently), have "liked" and tweeted as well.

I like the Jolt but I think I'd have to go with the Defcon b/c much like you I want something that I can use for performance and chill time as well. The Defcons will be travelling to Chicago, Atlantic Beach, Greensboro (okay so I live there) and the NC mountains this summer if I win!

Thanks for the great opportunity.

Laura said...

I like the HEX ones...they look basa$s.

Laura said...

I tweeted from @lauraRMuise

Laura said...

I follow Ryders on twitter and you!

Marlene said...

Yes please! I like 'em! Just checked out the website - so many fun and sporty syles! I like the Hex or Droll or Flange!

Marlene said...

I like Ryders on FB!

Marlene said...


Lulu said...

liked on facebook - check!
As per my picks... Duchess, Fray and Lolite all look great, I bet they would be just fine about town and on a run!
I would take them everyone this summer, but mostly to the Stampede, on a shopping trip to NYC and the Cottage... so versatile!

jcassidy said...

Kristen, I think you got my favorite pair. I like the shape and curve of the frame. I also prefer brown lenses so your mom and I have opposite views! I would wear these to the sunny beaches of Florida, to the pool and basically all the time! I too am a sunglasses person! Especially when my contacts aren't bothering me! I also hope to visit ms. Jillian in DC so I'd wear them there!! Miss ya!

Heather said...

While I would like to choose the "flange" because it sounds like regina filanji who left her filofax in conference room d, I would actually choose the empress... it looks pretty cool. I would wear them while running, while walking around, and while floating in the pool I wish I had.

I already follow ryders on twitter! woop woop!

SwimBekiSwim said...

I'm desperate for those pink Flange's!!!!

And I "liked" Ryders on FB mooooonths ago! ;-)

jnelle said...

ooh, i like the hixon ones - i'd wear 'em in my wedding this summer!

i have 'liked' them on Facebook!

Kirst said...

I would love a pair of the Clamor or the Solace. Crossing my fingers I win. Come on winner, winner chicken dinner.

Kirst said...

Oh and I forgot to say I "liked" them on facebook.

Kirst said...

Man I am terrible and directions. Forgot to say where I would wear them this summer. They would go everywhere with me. I'm never without sunglasses. And I don't have a twitter account so I don't get an entry there. Maybe you'll have to fill me in on tweeting.

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

I love Ryders sunglasses!! I have a pair but I find them a little too sporty. I would like a pair that I could run/bike and wear every day. I would probably go with the Duchess or Solace.

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Oh and I like Ryders on FB!

Elizabeth said...

Solace all the way. Also liked on the FB.

Michelle said...

I like them on facebook, liked their post about you on facebook (for good measure) followed them on Twitter, already follow you on Twitter, and am about to tweet about it all.

I like the empress and the hixon and would definitely sport these on my trips to the Isle this summer.