Tuesday, May 24, 2011

race week obsessions

Race week can get a little...well...obsessive. While I don't continuously check the "countdown clock" on the website, there are a few things I definitely obsess over.

1- The Weather. The weather network website becomes my first and last website of the day. I absolutely wilt in the heat and it is NOT my friend (see this post from 2006 for details- MAN that was a long time ago). So I constantly hope for cool weather. Will the weekend forecast change? Will it stay the same? Right now it is calling for a high of 22 C. Will it be humid? What time will it hit 22? Will it be sunny? Will it be cloudy? What's the low- will the low be low enough so that 22 doesn't feel hot?  You get the idea- it gets a little crazy. While I know there is nothing I can actually do about the weather, it is something I think about a lot.

2- Water. I try to drink as much water race week as I can. I pretty much always have water with me and if I feel even a little parched, I race for the tap. (Which also means that I am peeing constantly...but that's not all that abnormal- I was just talking about that medical test this weekend actually)
That's a lot of water (at last year's race weekend water station)
3- What will I wear? I usually have several options of what I'm going to wear race day. Since I'll be travelling for the race, I try to keep the options to as few as possible so that I have to pack less, but I still need options for different weather conditions. I'm always pretty sure about what I'm going to wear, but I like to have back-ups...just in case.

4- GERMS! I'm not usually a germaphobe...but when race day approaches, I get a little creeped out by germs. I don't want your germs, I don't want to hear you cough or sneeze (even if it is allergy season), I don't want to hear about your sore throat, and if you have even a hint of a stomach bug- don't even email me...I'm pretty sure stuff like the norovirus can be transmitted through the internets.
So yeah- expect a little bit of crazy emanating from these parts this week! Good news though- it won't be all crazy, I do have a review to post this week and will be giving away the product I'm reviewing (yaaaay). I won't tell you exactly what it is, but my hint is that it is a product from a Canadian company and I've been using the product in multiple aspects of my life.

Do you get obsessive about anything during race week?


Laura said...

I usually get freak-tastic...but I didn't this time. I also had a crap run so maybe I need to always get my race week freak on.
I do eat ColdFx like it is a food group before the race...

Marlene said...

Uh, YEP to all of the above. I was a water and hand-washing FREAK during race week!! Also SLEEP. I go to bed as early as possible and sleep until the last possible minute.

Leigh said...

I am totally obsessing about the weather! As you saw on my blog today, they are calling for rain for the next week. Awesome! My fingers are crossed that they are wrong and it will change before Sunday.

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

This is exactly my list too! I obsess about these things and usually more---how long of a drive is it, will I be late, what to hydrate with, etc. !

Kirst said...

Your list sums it up for me. I actually just checked the weather for Sunday here. And as of a few minutes ago no rain. But we know that can change in a heart beat. And next water. Yep was just thinking about how much I've been drinking. And third clothes. I'm with you. Gotta be comfortable but also look good. I hope I can wear shorts. Last year was so cold it took me hours to warm up.
I wish I could be there to cheer you guys on. You'll be finished by the time I start.
Good luck!

Aron said...

YESSSS to all of the above :)