Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Overwhelming is the word I'd use to describe May so far. This is not what was in my "plan." My plan for May was that it was going to be a somewhat relaxed but focused month. It was going to be a month of clean eating, no drinking, focus on keeping my head in the right place during my runs (and just in the right place in general), and on finishing my calculus class with gusto. My thoughts were to be calm but focused and the goal was to stay well rested and feeling great. Unfortunately, the best laid plans don't always work out how you expect them to and sometimes life just gets in the way.

Here are the words that describe May so far: sad, crazy, all over the place, exhausting, out of control. Not exactly focused, calm, or restful. The no drinking? Well, the fact that I managed to spend 4 days with my extended family while only having a few drinks is practically 100% success in my books, (and not because I don't like being around them, but rather because we tend to drink together- quite a bit) but alcohol has been consumed. The clean eating? Not so much either. I've been doing my best and all things considered- I've done pretty well. But again- not what I envisioned.
This is what I feel like doing.
Well rested? Nope. Feeling great? Again, not so much. Instead, I'm exhausted and kind of worried I'll end up getting sick. Oh and that calculus final I have on Thursday? Yeah- I'm starting to go into panic mode. I definitely did not keep up with my studying during the first part of May (and probably didn't do enough at the end of April either- I had a lot going on then too).  Not exactly ideal.

So now what? Well, May is half over, but there's still time. It has felt a little out of control, but I know that it hasn't actually been as crazy and out of control it has felt. I've still slept, I've eaten vegetables, and I've kept up with my training (I think I've managed to only miss a few miles in the training plan- not too shabby!). All is not lost and I know with the right focus, I can keep going in the right direction and still get to the race feeling rested and prepared.

So I just need to keep breathing, get through the math test, and then keep on trucking :)

Some of the best propaganda ever written
How do you deal with the unexpected? Have you had things go crazy just when you were hoping they'd calm down?


Laura said...

Ooooff...I hear you..I have been busy and then busier and then even busier over this past month. I am just dealing with one (work) thing at a time and if eventually something needs to get bumped..I am giving my boss the heads up. I can only do so much..which is a lot but I am only a SUperWoman sometimes.... :)

Anonymous said...

You can do it!! I believe in you!

Lulu said...

My life seems to always be non stop craziness... I can plan everything, make lists galore but in the end I am at the mercy of my employer.

The one thing that I my fav drill sergeant taught me was "Adapt and Overcome" (quite similar to your Keep Calm and Carry on) - I've let the stress go over the past 3 years since learning that and still plan but roll with the punches... we are all capable of much more than we realize.

Good luck on Thursday!!!

Heather said...

maybe not having house guests will help the stress level decrease... Not that there's anything wrong with house guests, but sometimes it makes things a little more stressful.