Tuesday, May 31, 2011

not a race report

Not that I have a lot of pictures from race weekend (which will be explained in the post) but for some reason Blogger is not letting me add pictures. Therefore, the race-report may be delayed. So here are a few updates about how I feel after race day.

Things that hurt: 
- The second toe on my left foot is maybe what hurts the most. It is red, inflamed, every time I move it it hurts, and I'm a little concerned about the toenail. Just in time for sandal season- yay.

- My left ankle and arch. Not sure what's going on there...but they aren't very happy.  Perhaps the result of running a half marathon on shoes at the end of their life? Or maybe just tiredness? They're a little tender today.

-My quads are slightly sore but not too bad.

- A lot of Jordan. He's definitely got the post-marathon hobble going. Not quite as bad as after some of his other races, but it is kind of funny to watch. Kind of like this:

Things that don't hurt:
- Now that I've rehydrated, eaten, had a rest, and a day of not running- my head! I had a splitting headache for the rest of the day yesterday and hooray- the headache is gone.

-Pretty much the rest of my body other than the parts mentioned in the "things that hurt" section. Yay!

-My pride. Extra yay. I was very worried I'd be beat up by the weather and therefore the half marathon and wasn't sure how I would deal with that. But I did NOT get beat up. It was still a humid day and I didn't love that part- but I worked hard to do my best despite that.

As a little preview to the race report: a little thank you to my mother for reminding me the day before the race that I LIKE RUNNING. And that's why I run. When I was taking myself a little too seriously out on the course and getting a little discouraged that I was a little behind on my desired pace, I thought of what she told me. And then I started to have fun. Why? Because I LIKE RUNNING!

So for those of you who were racing or putting in some training over the weekend: what hurts?

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Marlene said...

Sounds like you are in pretty good shape overall! Post-race headaches are the worst. Must have been the humidity? Glad that has subsided.

What is up with blogger lately? That is two blogs I've read this morning where people have not been able to load photos, although mine was working last night.

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Not a toenail!!! Hope it stays put. I had a headache on Sunday night- not sure if it was related to the race or not but now that you mention it... Blogger has been acting up for me too- wouldn't let me log in yesterday but once I did I had no problems loading pics. Can't wait for the report!

Derek said...

Just went for a great bike ride w/ my favorite training partner (my dad) yesterday and I'm happy to say that NOTHING hurts.

Might have helped that I had an adjustment from my chiro this morning though. :-)

Leigh said...

My fingers are crossed that your toe nail is staying put! I lost my first one a little bit ago and she's not pretty :(

I was pretty stiff in the knees after the race and then yesterday my quads and groin starting hurting. A little ice and foam rolling and both are feeling MUCH better :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to share toe stories...its been a few years and mine still isn't normal...


Kirst said...

Sore quads and calves but today are way better. Hoping to run tomorrow. Crossing my fingers for the sunglasses give away tomorrow.