Monday, May 02, 2011

lightness on a heavy day

I'm going to keep it light today- there are some heavy things going on in the world and there's some heaviness in the hearts of my family today too. So because of that, some things that are smiley and happy and that don't require me to write much:

  • Hey look- I'm not the only one who thought today needed some lightness. Go check out Michelle's post about funny running signs here: link. Reminds me a little of the sign we put on the marathon route last year for Suz- just to remind her that she needed to suck it up and run:

Sign for Suz- at around the 40K mark at the Ottawa Marathon 201
  • Speaking of running signs- look who was on Run Eat Repeat last week: link (it is me just in case you can't tell) Yeah, I do love a good running sign.
  • And for something completely different, a story that manages to include nudity AND Mormon missionaries: link I'm not sure it can get much better than that.
  • Ok, maybe it gets slightly better if you picture someone rubbing Steve's butt/tutti frutti shorts for luck: link.
  • And because yellow flowers always make me happy:

Daffodils on the last day of April

There you go- some lightness on a Monday. Any light posts or stories that have kept you from thinking about heavy things today?


jnelle said...

thinking of you and your family, lady. hugs...

Heather said...

That was a good sign. You got lots of laughs!!

Laura said...

Was sorry to hear about your loss but love that you can embrace some lightness....