Friday, May 20, 2011

done and DONE

It is with great relief that I say that my calculus class is now OVER! It was hard, it was painful at times, and I won't be rushing out to buy this t-shirt any time soon:
(source) oh geek humour and i get along so well
but I will admit that it was an interesting change of pace. I hadn't taken a math class since 1998, hadn't taken a course that "meant something" since 2003, and hadn't hung out with high school kids since...well, high school I guess.

While the exam didn't go quite as well as I had hoped (I looked at one of the questions and saw exactly what I had thought would not be on the test), I am confident that I passed the test and thus passed the course. Since I was going into the final (which was worth 50% of the final grade- YIKES- that's another first since high school) with a pretty good mark, I know it will all work out just fine.

So thanks for all your encouragement and for at least pretending to laugh at my calculus jokes throughout the semester. Hopefully this is one of the last mentions of calculus EVER on this blog.

Have you ever taken a course that was well out of your comfort zone? Are you a secret math wizard? Or maybe some other kind of wizard?

(Oh, and in case you missed yesterday's post- I'll say it again- aren't those potatoes the purplest you've ever seen? They still make me smile every time I look at the picture.)

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Marlene said...

woohoo, no more calculus! make sure you celebrate this weekend!