Monday, April 18, 2011

windy running

Sometimes wind can be good- today in Boston, there was a strong tail wind that contributed to the fastest marathon EVER run (though it does not count as a world record because there is a net downhill for the course). The men's winner finished in 2:03:02. That's 26.2 miles in 2 hours, three minutes, and two seconds. I ran half that distance in about the same time on Sunday. The women finished pretty quickly as well and the first two women finished within a couple of seconds of each other and it made for a very exciting finish! While I read something saying that the elites claimed they didn't feel the wind out on the course, the fact that they didn't feel it, clearly means it was at their backs ;-)
Meb Keflezighi at last year's Boston Marathon. Wow it was awesome to be there!
Which leads to why sometimes wind is bad. Sunday was one of those days where wind was terrible. We spent Saturday in Ottawa and on our way home, the wind was howling and was accompanied by rain. When we stopped for snacks around 10:30 pm (yeah, only I would need to stop for snacks at that time), I got out of the car and was pelted by the rain and wind. I yelled "if it is like this tomorrow I am NOT running...I won't do it."

It wasn't raining when I got up (later than normal on a Sunday morning), but I could hear the wind and I knew there was a wind chill (boo for wind chill in April). I was not excited but I have a race in May and I knew that the run had to get done.

I had to do a loop before picking up my trusty running companion Suz and figured that running into the wind on the way OUT would be better than on the way back. It was almost comically windy. Things were blowing around, sticks whipping my ankles, leaves blowing everywhere, dogs fighting the wind and trying to look like they were still having fun on their walks...
It felt like running underwater. I really don't know how I managed to propel myself forward, but I did it by just putting one foot in front of the other. And that meant that eventually, I got to do a glorious, glorious thing: I got to turn around. I know I'm not a heavy person, but I'm heavy enough that normal wind should not be able to move me. But I swear- as I turned my back to the wind and started to run, a gust pushed me and I started to fly...according to the Garmin splits some of the wind gusts pushed me to a 6:38 per mile (4:12 per kilometer) pace when I was trying to keep the pace between 9:30 and 10:00. So on the way into the wind I cursed and when it was at my back, I laughed. What else can you do?

It was a rough run, but what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. And that wind (although it must have blown the energy completely out of me because I ended up in bed by 9:15 last night) HAD to have made me stronger!

Goal race is now 6 weeks away. Yay!

Congrats to all of you who ran Boston today (I was tracking Aron and a high school friend and they both rocked it!)- you were part of an epic race and I hope you had FUN!


Marlene said...

I'm so glad the runners in Boston had the wind at their BACKS today!

UGH we have had brutal wind around here lately. Like running into a WALL!

Leigh said...

So crazy that the elite runners ran the marathon in just over 2 hours! That seriously blows my mind that people are able to go balls to the wall fast for that long!

Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday said...

Running into the wind is terrible, but at least you can look forward to running with it at your back...just make sure you don't have to run into the wind at the end of your run. Brutal.

Kirst said...

All my long runs lately have been windy ones. I guess it just makes us stronger. I'll be cheering you on while I'm getting ready to race that day. You'll be finishing as I'm starting.

kristen said...

Kirst- are you doing the half or full?

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

The Boston Marathon has definitely lit a fire in me and made me want to sign up for another marathon this fall! I have a 25K trail race at the end of June that I'm going to do first and then go from there, though.

I HATE running into the wind. I think running in the wind is worse than rain or heat or pretty much any other weather conditions. Wind - especially if your running INTO it - can be so draining!