Thursday, April 21, 2011

three things thursday- the Canadian edition

In honour of some interesting Canadian news stories I've seen in the last few days, I thought I'd make this a Canadian edition of three things Thursday.
Does it get more Canadian than the Maple Leaf?
1- Apparently, Canadians are the second happiest citizens in the world (it must be true- the survey says so). Well, sort of- we're tied with Sweden for second happiest. Which makes sense really- Sweden and Canada are practically the same right? We have winter, we both love hockey, both countries are overrun with IKEA furniture (although maybe that is why we're in second and not first- too many frustrated hours with an Allen key), and we're both known for our beautiful women (oh wait, that's Sweden). Ok, so we're not the same, but apparently we have equal numbers of people who are "thriving"!  Joking aside, I'd say I'm pretty content- and I'm there's that.

2- We may be "thriving", but I have to say, I'm a little embarrassed that we're so dumb. According to a new poll, we think that the North is full of penguins and igloos. Penguins. In northern Canada. Maybe we've watched a few too many Coke commercials and not enough National Geographic? Don't you think we'd be shilling tourist trips to see penguins if there were indeed penguins in this country? We put animals on our coins and call them by their animal name...would we not have put the penguin on the penny by now so that we could think of ourselves as clever if we were a penguin-rich counry? Come on people!

I'm a little relieved to hear that the "up north" quiz was only given to 303 people. Even though that is probably a large enough sample to reach statistical significance, I'm making myself feel better by thinking that they were mostly outliers.

3- We're having an election on May 2nd. With such a large country with multiple time zones, polls close in the East a few hours before they close in the west and we have this rule that you aren't supposed to post election results before the polls close. I definitely remember this growing up in the west- once the polls closed, they'd "turn on" the results that were already being broadcast in the east and since both Ontario and Quebec results were in and fully counted, we'd already know who won the election before our votes were counted. But that was back when information was easy to control. These days, it is a little harder but they still try. In fact, if I were to put something election results related on this blog, on my Facebook status, or on my twitter feed before the polls were closed in Alberta or BC, I could be fined...a lot of money. The story in the Montreal Gazette is actually worth a read. Kind of crazy to think that these rules are still enforceable.

And so there you have it- a Canadian news edition of three things Thursday. Hope you enjoyed some insight into this thriving, yet somewhat strange country! 

Any big plans for Easter weekend? Somehow, I had forgotten that I had Friday off for most of the week as I was working on a project...which means I'm down a day to get things done. Good think I'm on track with my work load!


Lulu said...

My beef with the whole penguins in N. America deal - until recently the Pittsburg Penguins' arena was called the Igloo... who thought up that gem???

Leigh said...

I never knew that about the results of the election and how you could get in trouble if you posted it earlier. So strange!

I saw on the news last night that we Canadians apparently spend a lot of money on beer too. Good thing we only have beer, igloos and penguins in Canada ;)

Hope you have a great Easter!

Anonymous said...

Why hello fellow Canadian! Im so glad I came across your blog! I really want to go to sweden (blame steig larson and his books)! but why do the best countries always have to be soo cold?