Thursday, April 14, 2011

three things thursday- the boston marathon edition

Since it is almost marathon Monday in Boston I thought I'd dedicate these three things to the marathon.

1- I loved being in Boston last year for the marathon- loved it. It is highly unlikely that I'll ever run that marathon- so I settled for running part of the course as part of a training run that morning and then being a cheerleader and nervous wife as I waited for my husband to come around that corner at Hereford and Boylston. And I loved it. There is excitement in the air all weekend and it is pretty fun to count the limping people and "celebration" jackets in the days that follow (I actually made a game of seeing how many jackets I could get into a single camera shot the next day) Plus, you can just see how much the runners and the entire city love the event.

2- If you're going to Boston as a spectator, check out this post over at Carrots 'n' Cake for her advice on spectating (and she's a seasoned veteran). While I just walked (and got a little turned around) from my hotel to the place I'd be spectating, her idea of parking yourself on a patio sounds delightful! If you want to feel inspired and hear a story of a journey from non-runner to Boston Qualifier, go read Aron's latest post over at Runner's Rambles. I remember reading her pre-qualification post and almost breathing a sigh of relief for her when I heard she qualified.

3- And while I can't give you any advice on the actual running of the marathon, I'm fairly certain it is just as simple as this:

So to all those lacing up and headed to the Boston start (and finish) line on Monday- remember- just start running. Have fun and good luck!


Marlene said...

I joined my friend in Boston a couple years ago when she ran and LOVED it. If I wasn't already convinced, that day I KNEW I had to run it one day!

Lulu said...

I remember last year when Jordan ran... I checked the updates and crossed my fingers that he made it sub 3 hrs.

kristen said...

Marlene- you'll be running soon! I know you will :)

The wait was almost agonizing- I was getting tracking updates from Jordan's dad but even when he turned the corner I had no idea how long it had taken him to cross the start line so I didn't know if he had made it.

Anonymous said...

I hope to be at the Boston Marathon one day. Love that video. How I Met Your Mother is hilarious.

Aron said...

I read this way back when but just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the cheers and support and everything, it was so much fun!!! <3