Thursday, April 07, 2011

three things thursday- adjusting to time zones edition

Another Thursday, another three things. I'm liking Thursdays! (plus, Thursday means it is practically Friday!)

1- I spent Tuesday evening either surrounded by lush forest or looking out  at the sunset over the harbour. Wow Vancouver is beautiful...I don't know if I could live there, but I could definitely spend a lot of time there.
Lynn Canyon
 2- My hope was that by the time I got back to Montreal, the snow would be gone. I pretty much got my wish (just a few little patches here and there)- but now I'm stuck looking at brown, dead grass. I'm sure it will green up in no time (and it is WAAAY better than snow).

3- Maybe I'm being a little premature here, but I actually think I did ok with the time zone adjusting. I'm guessing that part if it has to do with having to get up early on the days that I was there. The first morning both my sister and I were up super early- but it worked (plus, we went to bed super early the day before). We were able to get that early morning run in and then had all day to do what we wanted. The rest of the days I had to get up early by default since I was working and still wanted to get some running in. So while it was slightly difficult to get up around 6 this morning (which was 3AM Pacific), I don't feel too bad! Yay!

And just for fun, I'll leave you with a picture I took of the top of a garbage can. Why would I take a picture you ask? Well, I really identify with the message- or at least Jordan does. A garbage can lid just like that was once dropped from the top of a parking garage and onto his car...
seriously, don't drop it
Hope you have a great Thursday! Any random little tidbit you'd like to share?


Marlene said...

I would love to see Vancouver one of these days! Awesome that you are not feeling too jet-lagged.

Aron said...

I have never been to Vancouver and I REALLY want to go! One of these days :)

One of the reasons I am taking the red eye to Boston is to adjust to the time, when I did that in June it seemed to help get me on their time pretty quick. Although I am so tired that first day!

kristen said...

Marlene- definitely worth the cross-country flight! (bet maybe wait for a seat sale)

Aron- you're not all that far from Vancouver either. And they do have a marathon! :)

jnelle said...

heh, i like the garbage can warning.

When we were in vancouver a few years ago, there were signs on all the garbage cans that said "DO NOT FEED THE ZOMBIES". i have a picture somewhere..

not sure if this link will work..!/photo.php?fbid=22238226211&set=a.22237336211.52161.511351211&theater