Tuesday, April 26, 2011

in point form

Because I wasn't a very good planner (and because I was busy having fun with out of town guests and relaxing all weekend) I forgot to schedule some posts for this week since I knew I woukd be out of town and woukd have questionable access to the internet. Oops. So, tonight I will give you some randomness today and hopefully mode later in the week too.

- the Canadian election is proving to be pretty interesting! The NDP seems to be surging (maybe that long awaited picture with Jack Layton will be even cooler than I already think it is)

- also exciting right now are the hockey games! Montreal just won game 6 vs Boston to force a game seven (go habs!) and the Vancouver game 7 starts in a few minutes (sorry, can't bring myself to cheer for them)

- I still can't figure out how to add pictures from my iPhone onto posts. Maybe I can't use pictures that are on the phone? Maybe I need to have them on flickr or something like that?

- I had a really good long run on Sunday! The first few miles were a little rough and I wondered how I'd ever get it all done and if I'd ever feel comfortable. But once I got over that, things worked out well and I felt strong. I did about 13.5 miles in somewhere around 2:05 and I'm pretty happy with that. Plus, the sun was out and that made me smile.

- I'm very curious as to how many autocorrect typos will be in this post. I really suck at catching them. I'm not really sure why- I'm a decent proofreader on good days. Meh.

- anyway I hope you had a great Tuesday and have a great Wednesday! I'll be knee deep in training sessions, so I think it will be both informative and exhausting.


Heather said...

in order to have phone pics on a post (from your phone), you need the blogger app (there's a free one) and with that, it tells you where to sign up for a picture account, then you sign into both and post from the app and add in the pictures. It's a lot less complicated than it sounds.

Marlene said...

Way to go on the long run!!

Leigh said...

Are you posting using your phone or your computer? If from your computer, you just have to save the pictures onto your computer and then you can add them. I've never posted using my phone so I have no idea how to do that, sorry!