Wednesday, April 13, 2011

glad i can be of service

Search terms are fascinating to me- "googling" can be a bit of an art, so I always find it interesting to see what search terms get me to what I'm looking for.

Recently, I've started paying a little more attention to the search terms that people use to find my blog. I came upon how to do this by accident (yeah, I'm a little slow with the way Blogger has took me a LONG time to look at that "stats" tab) but have kept looking for fun. While the top search term of late is "gu brew review," (why no love for the chomps? I just don't know) here are some that have cracked me up:
  • biggest bottle of gin (probably because of this post)
  • intercostal muscles (and not just once- this comes up THREE times as intercostal muscles, external intercostal muscles, and internal intercostal muscles, and by saying intercostal muscles a few more times, it is sure to come up more)
  • rain boots with shorts (yeah- that's what I get for talking about it I guess, but again- this is a search that has come up in multiple ways: rain boots and shorts, shorts and rain boots, rain boots with shorts?)
  • asparagus pee (believe it or not, I've mentioned this in not one, but two posts- I guess this makes three?)
And because I would one day like someone to find my blog because of my multiple mentions of donuts (or doughnuts- depending on how you like to spell it), here's a picture for good measure- taken at the Donut Plant in NYC:
delicious pieces of donut heaven
Have you ever plugged something into google that you thought "man this is a weird combination of words"? Any weird search terms you've come across recently?


Leigh said...

Haha that's funny how people have come across your blog! My biggest hit for Google searches is for a copy cat version of the Joey's Viva Salad. So many come to my blog from that search! I had someone search "i'm always accused of causing drama" and found my blog. Awesome!

Marlene said...

Checking out the search terms is always good for a laugh!! I haven't checked mine for a while... I should go do that!

Mmmm, those donuts look goooooooood.