Friday, April 15, 2011

fun for a friday- taking pictures of kids

Taking pictures of kids is HARD. They move quickly and they're unpredictable. You may not end up with what YOU think is the perfect picture, but in the end, you end up looking at what you took and you think "maybe that really is perfect..." because it ends up being a perfect representation of what it is really like to be around said kids.

When I was in Calgary last month, I brought the camera out to take some pictures of my niece and nephews. Once the nephews got adequately prepped for the photo shoot (ie- got the faux-mos ready with the gel and the spray-on colour), a little madness ensued:
Take a picture of me doing THIS (ok...)
complete with milk coming out of his mouth
Now that the "candids" were done, we decided to try to get them on the couch to get a few shots of them together:
wait-me first!
let me jump on top of you- that makes a good picture right?
not quite
got it...ok one more...
 Then the third one decided to join in- by that time the boys were a little sick of sitting still (oh wait, were they ever sitting still?) so it was kind of challenging:
i just laugh at this one
as good as it gets :)
And for good measure- because he likes to ham it up for the camera:
where did he learn this???
I was laughing the entire time I was taking the pictures and every time I look at them, they crack me up even more. 

Just thought I'd post a little fun for a Friday. Hope you have a great weekend!


Michelle said...

I love that my camera has a 'kids and pets' setting :) They're cute.

Marlene said...

Too cute!

Have a great weekend!

Kirst said...

Spencer's shirt says a lot about him. I know they seemed extra crazy when you were here it's just they get so excited to see you guys and Devin and Liz.
And crazy or not they are super cute! But I might be biased.

kristen said...

I loved every second of it :)

Katie said...

So funny. We actually bought a super fancy SLR camera, complete with special lenses to try capture better pictures of the moving targets that are our children...and it's still a challenge! Nice photos!