Saturday, March 12, 2011

time zone woes and smelly times on the treadmill

 I'm really not a good "time traveller" body clock gets set and it doesn't have a reset button but rather a reset dial that can only be moved sloooowly. Even thought I'm tired (after getting up early to get to the airport yesterday and waiting with much tension), I'm fairly wide awake and my body definitely thinks it is breakfast time.

As for the smelly treadmill times, after a long day yesterday, I decided I still needed to get a run in, as I am busy with a wedding today. My dad needed a little extra encouragement to get to the gym so I decided to go with him and I'd run on the treadmill. This was actually a great option for this run since it was kind of chilly outside (and I didn't bring all my warm weather gear to save space and because Sunday is supposed to be downright "hot" for my long run) and I had some speed work to do.

The first part of my run was pretty good- it took me a little while to warm up and get used to the fact that there is less oxygen up "this high". I got through my first mile of speed and was just starting the "800 jog" when a guy got onto the treadmill next to me and started jogging. Immediately, my nose started to burn...the smell coming off him was just terrible. It was like he hadn't showered or washed his gym clothes in 2 weeks. And that he left said unwashed gym clothes in a pile of smellier gym clothes so that the smell could really get in there.

Firstly, I was glad I was breathing primarily with my mouth. If I had been walking on the treadmill, I would have had to walk right on out of there pretty quickly. Secondly, I really wondered if I was going to have to get off that treadmill and find another...I think the stench was even visible on my face. I couldn't help but have a physical reaction to it.

Eventually though, my 800 m jog was over, I had to crank the treadmill back up for a mile of speed, and I had much bigger problems than the stench :) (speed work is hard). By the time the next 800 rolled around, he was gone and I could go back to the sweet smell of just "regular" gym smell.

How do you deal with smelly people at the gym?

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