Thursday, March 03, 2011

thursday's three things

It worked for me last week- why not this Thursday too?
  • The test! As you may recall, I had my first calculus test last week. I was pretty nervous since I hadn't really written a test since 2003 and hadn't written a math test since 1998. I got my test back and I did GREAT! I was very exciting. (and I may or may not have sent a picture of my mark to a few people...yeah, I'm cool like that) I think it is the best I've done on a math test since I was about 13. I guess all the studying paid off!
  • I seem to have a cold. It sucks and I'm feeling a little whiny about it. But better this week than last week and better this week than next week I guess (since I'm doing some travelling at the end of next week) I'm taking some self-imposed rest days hoping that it will help. I'm glad this is a "back-off" week in the training plan.
  • I am so incredibly ready for spring that it is disgusting. The fact that it is March makes me feel like it is just around the corner...we'll see I guess.
Happy Friday Eve!


Derek said...

Great job on acing the test!

Karen (Toronto Girl West) said...

Congratulations on your test!!! Wooohooo for you!!!!!!!!!! :o)

As for Spring - I'm so with you! But honestly, I'm thinking winter may stick around a little longer yet!

Here's hoping I'm wrong!