Thursday, March 24, 2011

three things today (a thursday)

Happy Thursday (or Friday eve)! Here are three things:

1- I know it is completely lame to talk about the weather so much, but it is supposed to be spring. The world is supposed to start looking like this:
first flowers of last spring
Instead, it is feeling a lot more like this:
last spring, on the way to Boston
I'm really ready for spring and ready for the snow to stop falling. Every flake that falls seems like it is taunting me and laughing at me.

2- After a nice and sunny (though somewhat brisk) easy run yesterday after work, I met the lovely lu (over at the things i know) for dinner. It was a great catch up and I particularly enjoyed her story about the Montreal cab driver missing the restaurant and therefore throwing the car into reverse and backing up until he found it. Meanwhile (since I suggested a place that is in sort of a warehouse district...but it is also the design district I think- lots of decorators and the like around there), she's thinking "not only is he driving in reverse, but where ARE we???" Note to self- warn someone when the location of the restaurant is somewhat unexpected.

3- Two songs on the radio have made me smile and brought me back to other times today. The first- the Superman song:

The second is "You Can Call me Al" by Paul Simon. Apparently- it was one of the Queen Mother's favourites. She was also a big fan of the old Jamaican ska music and had all sorts of old vinyl records. Can an old lady be a hipster?

Oh and a sort of fourth thing: Today is your last day to enter to win a Road ID! Head on over to the post to enter.


Marlene said...

Hi Kristen! Thankd for your comments recently and sorry for not getting around here sooner.

I hear you on the weather - seems to be all I think/talk about lately. I just want SPRING! (but of course, it will be "too hot" before long, lol)

Crash Test Dummies... flashback like whoa!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

It was snow/raining in Kamloops this afternoon. SO GROSS and not springlike at all. I am not impressed! Lol

jnelle said...
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jnelle said...

Crash Test Dummies play on PEI sometime soon. I'd pay to see them play "God shuffled his feet" live, and "Peter Pumpkinhead"