Thursday, March 10, 2011

three things this thursday

I'm kind of liking this three things Thursday. I do love a good list and I'm often full of randomness, so this is a good way to put both of those things together. Here are three for this Thursday:

lululemon's hockey man

This city really cracks me up sometimes. They LOVE their hockey (which isn't weird) to the point of obsession (as in people getting crazy about the pre-season). The latest manifestation of this stems from an unfortunate incident that saw a player get run head-first into a divider. It really wasn't pretty...and although the player is injured, it could have been a lot worse. Yeah, I know, not funny. But there IS somewhat funny part: Montreal police have had to ask that Montrealers stop calling them to complain about the hit. I can't say I'd ever think of calling the police about something that happened in an NHL game...

Second thing that cracked me up this week: I get the Banana Republic (which by the way is your "one stop pant destination") sale and notification emails. You know, just in case I feel like dressing up in my home office... But the text of this week's ad made me laugh. It read: Your Search for THE PERFECT PANT ends here. Don't get me wrong- I love a well fitting pant, but those are some high expectations you're setting in that one line of text, and is this really the search that most people are on? (yeah, I know, my sense of humour is questionable sometimes...does it help if I tell you I tend to read those BR emails first thing in the morning? Before my brain is fully awake?)

The third thing isn't something that cracked me up, but rather something that grinds my gears. I should have walked out of the apple store* with a shiny new iphone, data, and MY5 plan yesterday, but I didn't. Due to Rogers being unable to modify our plans for some unknown reason (they couldn't even figure it out themselves), we left empty handed. Actually, we left worse off than we started because they managed to cancel Jordan's data plan in all the hubub. We were told that they had to take the issue to "head office" which may take 24-48 hours. Once that is cleared up, we can return to the apple store and try again. Normally, that would just be annoying, but it is EXTRA annoying because I am going out of town from Friday to Wednesday so even IF they clear it up in 24 hours, I won't be around to get the phone sorted out. The double extra annoying thing is that the MY5 plan was going to be very helpful in preventing long distance charges while I was away. First world problems...I know...but maybe I should ask Rogers to pay for my long distance.

So there are my three things this Thursday. Anything to share?

*Why did I want to go to the apple store instead of just heading to a Rogers store? Firstly, because I knew that the apple store would have the phones. Secondly, because I like dealing with a store and company that consistently exceeds my expectations. Especially when the other option is to deal with a company that I find consistently frustrating.

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