Monday, March 21, 2011

signs it is training season

Our long runs are getting longer, our weekly mileage is getting higher, and there are the unmistakable signs that it is "training season" in our household:
  • we're going through bananas like it is our job
  • it is next to impossible to have more than a "mostly empty" box of cereal
  • Saturday night means pasta night
  • Sunday afternoon is as low key as possible
  • we're getting a little lazy with the household chores
  • the body glide is getting low
spring running
  • there are always water bottles to be washed or sitting out drying
  • compression socks are regular attire
  • the stick and foam roller are usually within an arm's reach
  • and our container of running fuel has gone from this:

taken at the beginning of February
  • to this:

taken March 20th is training season all right. Which also means it is almost spring! Training season is a sure sign of spring around these parts :)
What are the signs of "training season" or of spring in your household?

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Katie said...

Because I'm the only one who trains, there really aren't any signs of training season in our house. No pasta or cereal. We do go through lots of bananas though. I guess the biggest sign, is that I start constantly talking about running and telling Nick every little thing I read about. He loves that!

Leigh said...

Haha you should add the constant piles of laundry as well!

Sorry, I was signed into my Gmail account and it didn't link my comment back to me, that's why I deleted it :)

kristen said...

Definitely extra laundry! (especially with all the layers of winter)