Friday, March 11, 2011

rogers redemption and tense travel

So I need to note publicly that Roger redeemed themselves a bit because I am writing this post from my shiny new iPhone! (so pardon the autocorrect problems it I don't manage to catch them) hooray!!

I managed to call them, get things half sorted out, the go visit apple again and while they also ended up having to call rogers to sort things out, I walked out with new phones for both of us. Very pleased.

Now I'm in the airport hoping that our strange weather from the last few days (we had a snowfall warning and a rainfall warning on the same day and all that moisture is now just a giant slushy mess) doesn't mess with my trip too much. I'm flying standby and while there was LOTS of room yesterday, due to some delays and cancellations, the flight is pretty full and I have to count on some no-shows.
So my bags are packed:
Ok can't figure out how to add a picture I took... Imagine a pic of my bag here.

I'm ready to go (to a wedding and for some quality family time). Now I just cross my fingers and hope I get to Calgary sooner rather than later. And hopefully I will be blogging about a long run with my sister I the near future.


Suz said...

Safe travels! and yay for the new iPhone!

Leslie said...

Welcome back to the West! Hooray! Comin' our way at all?

kristen said...

By some random twists of fate, I made the flight!! Woohoo!

kristen said...

Thanks! I doubt I'll be out to Banff, but I have vowed to get out there next time I'm out west.