Friday, March 25, 2011

roadID winner

Thanks to all who entered the RoadID giveaway. You had decent odds of winning.
Ok, so to pick the winner, I first put all the entries into a spreadsheet (because I love them):
yay for screen captures
If the person had two entries, I put he or she in there twice.
Then I headed on over to to randomly generate a number for the winner:

The one here is a random number generator for you to play with (yeah, I'm dorky like that, I think they are fun to play with). I set the number fields to draw between 1 and 15 (I kept Jordan out of the draw, but the rest of you were IN)

And the winner is.....Leigh! (who was number 9 in the spreadsheet) I have contacted Leigh and she said it made her Friday afternoon. Yay! So glad I could make you smile. For the rest of you- sorry you didn't win. But if you still want a RoadID, head on over to the website to order (and remember, a Canadian fiver will help you measure your wrist :)


Leigh said...

I'm still excited that I won! Definitely made my day when you emailed me as I was just at the dentist and it's my least favourite thing ever!

Have a great weekend!

jnelle said...

yay! congrats, leigh!